Hannah Waddingham Admits How The Queen's Death Is Hitting Her Harder Than She Ever Expected

London-native and beloved "Ted Lasso" star Hannah Waddingham is taking Queen Elizabeth's death very hard and in fact, the gravity of the situation has affected her more than expected.

While appearing on the Emmys red carpet, where by the way, the 48-year-old's princess-like gown, which she paired with glittery sneakers, landed her on The List's best dressed list, Waddingham opened up about how losing the long-serving monarch impacted her.


Speaking to Variety, the actress admitted that the Queen's death hit her "far worse" than what she'd figured it would (via Daily Mail). The Emmy-award winner went on to confess she felt "deeply upset" upon seeing the news that the 96-year-old had passed away.

In fact, Waddingham was so sad, she said she would describe the feeling as similar to losing her own grandmother. The "Ted Lasso" star went on to speak about "the enormous pressure that our King has on his shoulders now."

It's worth noting that Waddingham is not alone in feeling a deep grief over the Queen's death, with grief specialist David Kessler telling People that "it is truly like a matriarch dying." 

Not only that, but he notes that the end of her life is a milestone that serves to mark the passage of time in our own lives, making it hard to reconcile — something Waddingham is clearly experiencing, and is so not alone.