Queen Camilla Is Getting Attention For A Sweet Interaction With A Fan

Following the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son Charles has been immediately thrust into his new role as king. Part of the newly-crowned ruler's job involves traveling around Britain to meet his constituents, as part of what's known as Operation Spring Tide. Per Sky News, King Charles and Camilla, Queen consort, were greeted by crowds of well-wishers upon landing in Northern Ireland for a historic visit to the country.

The royal couple attended a service of reflection for the queen's life at St. Anne's Cathedral in Belfast, alongside British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who was one of the last people to meet with Queen Elizabeth in an official capacity. Next up, Charles and Camilla will return to Buckingham Palace, where he will receive his late mother's coffin. The sweet way Kate Middleton reacted to a fan is warming hearts everywhere, but it's how fans responded to Camilla's arrival that's really interesting.

As the Daily Mail points out, a whole crowd of schoolchildren was lined up waiting to see the new king and queen consort in Belfast and, adorably, some of them couldn't contain themselves upon meeting Camilla. The couple stopped to chat with well-wishers, with a couple of schoolboys in particular wide-eyed and screaming with excitement over the chance to say hello. One boy even regarded his own hands in amazement after shaking the queen consort's.

The response was ecstatic in general, with a great cheer reportedly erupting as Charles and Camilla exited their vehicle.