Which Brands Are Completely Shutting Down In Honor Of The Queen's Death?

In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death, many brands have shown their support, offered condolences, and expressed their sadness. And while the gesture brands have made may seem innocent, many have not been well received. According to Insider, many companies put a sour taste in consumers' mouths with their tributes. For example, British energy company Ecotricity photoshopped an image of the queen to appear as though she was wearing one of their advertisements, and Domino's decided to turn their logos black in an attempt to honor her. Neither of these were greeted with much support and many dismissed the brands saying their posts were "disrespectful" and "insane."

But while some brands seemed to use the queen's death as a reason to promote themselves — many brands like Playmobil were quick to use their own products in their tributes — others honored her in the right way, choosing to shut down, pause services, or even reschedule events.

Brands that are shutting down on for the queen

According to National World, the National Mourning Guidance rules in Britain do not expect businesses to shut down after a monarch has passed. Still, when Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8, some companies took it into their own hands to halt business as a way to honor the queen.

The trend continues as bigger, nationwide companies follow suit, choosing to shut down business as we near the queen's official funeral. Peloton was one of the first, announcing on their Instagram on September 9 that all live classes held in their London studios would be postponed until September 12 as a "mark of respect." According to the New York Post, high-end brand Burberry chose to cancel their runway show that is scheduled for September 17. AllSaints, a British fashion store, announced that they will be closing stores and stopping production in the U.K. and Canada on September 19, and the Premier League announced all soccer matches scheduled for the weekend following Queen Elizabeth II's death would be postponed.