The List's Exclusive Survey Reveals Which Royal Wedding Fans Loved The Most

The royal family is always making headlines for one reason or another — most recently, the spotlight shines on the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the royal family who is mourning the loss of their monarch. As preparations are being made for her funeral and the upcoming coronation of her son, King Charles III, we are reminded of all the beautiful and touching traditions the royal family has presented through the years. Some of the most iconic productions include the royal weddings that have been celebrated and broadcasted worldwide. While it's tough to pick a favorite amongst all the beautiful royal weddings throughout history, The List loves a good challenge.

The List conducted a survey asking, "Which royal wedding was your favorite?" With over 72,000 responses, one wedding stood out as a fan favorite. But the real winner is anyone who loves a good wedding — especially a royal one!

This royal wedding stands above the rest

According to The List's survey, the fan favorite wedding with 43% of the vote was the newly-named Prince and Princess of Wales. Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding at Westminster Abbey was broadcasted worldwide, with an estimated one billion viewers admiring the grand wedding (via Westminster Abbey). A voter on The List's Youtube channel said, "Their love and happiness on their wedding day was crystal-clear and contagious." Others cited the bride's royal wedding dress, complimenting Catherine's classy and timeless look.

In second place with 36% of the vote was King Charles III and Princess Diana's wedding. To no one's surprise, this 1981 wedding continues to be a fan favorite, due to the people's love of Princess Diana, the stunning details of their wedding day, and the drama that ensued afterwards. One survey voter called King Charles and Princess Diana's wedding "the wedding of the century," adding, "Ignoring the aftermath, the wedding was matchless, timeless, and straight out of a fairytale."

King Charles III and Princess Diana's wedding day did not go as planned, however. Diana later spoke out on how unhappy she was leading up to the big day and almost called off her wedding. According to the BBC, the iconic royal couple divorced in 1996 after it was made public that Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowels, who he later married. Diana tragically died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. More than 25 years after her death, the world still mourns "the people's princess."

More royal weddings that looked like real life fairy tales

Royal weddings will always be historic — the time, money, and preparation that goes into such a production remains a fascinating spectacle for anyone who loves a good wedding. But there is something extra magical when you witness history in the making. That's how many people felt watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in 2018. With 11% of the vote, one of the more recent royal weddings was another iconic day in royal history. According to Reader's Digest, the wedding was historic for a number of reasons: Meghan is the first American to hold a royal title, and is also the first person of color to join the royal family.

Following close behind with 9% of the vote was the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip in 1947. Queen Elizabeth, who recently died at the age of 96, passed just one year after her husband of 74 years, per ABC News. Those who chose Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip admired their long marriage that stood the test of time. One of The List's voters commented on their choice, saying, "I went with Queen Elizabeth's because it's more historical and I love old, historical footage."

Finally, with 1% of the vote, was Princess Anne and Mark Phillips's wedding day. Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth, married Captain Phillips in 1973 in a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey (via Brides).