Why It May Be Difficult To Find Queen Elizabeth Merch

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Millions will be watching either in person or on TV on September 19, 2022, as Britain's esteemed Queen Elizabeth II makes her final trip through the streets of London on her way to the funeral service at Westminster Abbey. Royal spectators can watch the queen's funeral from any number of local stations and cable news channels, though you'll have to set your alarm as the ceremony begins at 6:00 AM EST, according to Town & Country.

If you're hoping to enjoy a traditional English tea from a commemorative Platinum Jubilee mug while you watch from your sofa, you might be out of luck if you don't own official queen-related merch already. The Royal Collection Trust, the official site for tickets to Buckingham Palace and other royal residences, is closed during the national 10-day mourning period for Her Majesty. Their gift shop link says simply, "Our online shop is currently closed."

If you live in England, you'll want to pick up that bread and jam for any jam sandwiches well in advance, too. Per The Mirror, many supermarkets will be closed either all day or until 5 p.m. so that their employees can watch the funeral. But if you really want a memento now, the Associated Press reports that outlets such as Amazon and eBay are selling unofficial merch, including Queen Elizabeth II bobbleheads