Royal Expert Believes Prince Harry Is Not Changing His Plans At All With His Memoir

Before the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was slated to release a memoir that he himself has called "heartfelt and intimate" around the holiday season this year, 2022 (via The Sun). Back in August, it was reported that the final manuscript had been sent to the publisher, Penguin Random House, by Harry's ghostwriter, J.R. Moehringer. At the time, an unnamed publishing source told The Sun that the manuscript was "done and out of Harry's hands."

In light of the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week, however, many speculated that Prince Harry's plans to release the memoir as scheduled might change. But Tom Bower, who released a biography about Meghan Markle earlier this year, says that is not the case. Bower told GB News that "Harry is insisting that his book is published in November." He went on to say, "Apparently the publishers are not too certain, but he says if they don't publish it will be a breach of contract. That's what I'm told."

But other sources have given conflicting statements. 

Conflicting information leaves fans waiting

Some royal experts feel it would be in poor taste and poor timing for Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex to release a book that is likely to be controversial at this time of national loss (via Daily Mail). And one unnamed source close to Prince Harry told Daily Mail that what Bower told GB news is false.

While Bower told GB news that Harry and Meghan would need to release the book as scheduled because the couple's "finances depend entirely on the book and on Netflix," Daily Mail points out that Penguin Random House had previously stated that Harry would be donating proceeds from the sale of the book to charity, not using them for his own purposes.  

So what's the official word? It looks like fans eagerly awaiting the publishing of Harry's book will have to wait a little longer for confirmation about the release date, which we expect won't be discussed until at least after the funeral services and ceremonies honoring the late Queen Elizabeth have concluded.