The Major Way The Queen's Coffin Procession Is Disrupting Commoners' Lives

Queen Elizabeth II's death has kickstarted a long list of processes and procedures that were years in the making (via The Guardian). The beloved ruler passed away at her summer home in Balmoral, Scotland, necessitating Her Majesty's coffin being transported to Edinburgh, where the streets were lined with mourners looking to pay their respects, per the BBC

After laying in rest for 24 hours, the queen's coffin traveled to London, accompanied by her daughter, Princess Anne, and on to Buckingham Palace.

Express confirms that another procession, through the streets of London, began this afternoon. With the newly crowned King Charles III walking behind it, alongside several other high-ranking members of the royal family, the coffin slowly made its way to the Palace of Westminster. Naturally, the streets were once again packed with well-wishers. 

And, to ensure Her Majesty had absolute, respectful silence, Heathrow Airport canceled all flights in and out for the afternoon, according to the Daily Mail. Any flights scheduled to take place between 1:50 p.m. and 3:40 p.m. BST were called off to "ensure silence over central London as the ceremonial procession moves from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall," with passengers notified directly by their respective airlines. 

Heathrow apologized for the disruption and announced that there would likely be more changes to come on Sept. 19, when the queen's funeral is due to take place. Numerous businesses and services have also been closed, too.