The Queen's Pallbearers Have Twitter Saying The Same Thing

The procession that transported the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, where it will lie in state, was one of somber respect. The casket was carried into the building by military pallbearers who took careful, measured, choreographed steps (via USA Today). The task assigned to these pallbearers was not an easy one, as not only were the eyes of the world upon them as they did their very best to honor their late queen, but the casket itself is made of English Oak, lined with lead, and weighs around 500 pounds (via Daily Mail).    

Viewers of the procession took to Twitter to make lighthearted jokes about how serious and at times, nervous, these pallbearers looked as they carried out their immensely important assignment. One person said, "That first pallbearer looked nervous the whole time. Bet he was thinking "don't trip... don't trip... don't trip ..." And another joked, "The only thought going through each pallbearer's mind: "Don't drop the Queen, Don't drop the Queen, Bloody hell don't drop the Queen..." A third person tweeted about that first pallbearer saying, "His whole career was resting on his shoulder," which of course, it was. Literally.