UK Leader Has A Warning For Anti-Monarchy Protesters

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, people from all over the United Kingdom have taken to the streets. Mainly, the news has been focused on those who have come out to grieve, pay their respects, and get a glimpse of the royal family, per the BBC. This is evident by the amount of flowers, candles, and tributes laid out in honor of the queen.

But not all who gathered are there to honor Queen Elizabeth II or mourn her death. According to Teen Vogue, many have gathered in protest of the monarchy and to express anti-monarchy sentiments. In fact, some of these protestors have even been arrested for their protests. One young woman was arrested for holding a sign that read ""F*** imperialism, abolish monarchy" during a formal proclamation for the newly appointed King Charles III.

And while anti-monarchy rhetoric has been around as long as the monarchy has, this particular moment in history has some leaders urging protesters to stop. According to Sky News, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party of the United Kingdom, addressed the protestors, asking them to "respect people mourning the queen and not ruin their experience."

Sir Keir went on to say that he respects those in protest and understands that not everyone approves of the monarchy, but asked protestors — for a short time — to stand aside and let those who want to grieve have their moment to do so.