The Queen's Upcoming Funeral Has Americans Saying The Same Thing

Though the news of Queen Elizabeth II's heartbreaking death has affected people worldwide, British citizens are likely feeling the most grief. For many, Her Majesty was the only monarch they've ever known, and she represented grace, dignity, and duty to the United Kingdom. Countless Brits looked up to the longest-serving British monarch (via NBC News). Thousands have already flocked to Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to the queen, and to place flowers as an homage to Her Majesty. A record number of people even waited to see the queen's coffin (via CNN).

Naturally, televised coverage of Queen Elizabeth's death has been widespread in many countries. However, in the United States, there seems to be one recurring sentiment: Many people believe broadcast networks are focusing on it too much. On Twitter, one commenter summed it up: "Dear major U.S. news outlets, I admire the Queen; job well done; rest in peace. But unless she jumps out of the coffin and yells 'I gotcha good!' I think we can dial down the coverage."

Another user wrote, "boy, I sure wish I knew exactly where the queen's coffin is right now, and also where it will be every hour for the next several days." Others were more sympathetic, yet still disapproved of the coverage. One wrote, "It's sad I kinda liked the queen until she became 24/7 news on us television when there are essential news stories happening and going unreported."