A Petition About The Queen Is Gaining Momentum Among Britons

There is no denying the impact Queen Elizabeth II had on the people of the United Kingdom. Serving as Britain's longest-reigning monarch, she was on the throne for 70 years (via The Wall Street Journal). Aside from leading the U.K., she was also in charge of 14 countries, as well as the head of a Commonwealth that contains 54 countries. She served a total of over 2 billion people combined.

When she tragically passed away at the age of 96, fans of the matriarch around the world were devastated. The United Kingdom decided it would make the day of the queen's funeral a bank holiday to show their gratitude. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is following suit, noting that September 19 will also be a holiday in the country (via the CBC).

However, some fans of the queen are hoping for more than just a bank holiday for their favorite matriarch. According to the Daily Mail, a campaign has been launched to create an annual holiday. The petition calls for a 'Queen Elizabeth II Day,' which would be celebrated every September 8 — the day she passed away.

The petition is getting some serious attention, with over 100,000 people adding their names as of publication. John Harris, who created the campaign said, "Queen Elizabeth II is our longest reigning Monarch, and arguably the nations, and the world's most popular ever monarch." He added that the holiday would be, "A day for our nation to come together and celebrate both the life of the queen and our gratitude for the institution of our royal family."