Will The Queen's Corgis Be Able To Attend Her Funeral?

Queen Elizabeth II was not only the longest-serving monarch in British history, but she was one of the most beloved rulers, at least according to her fans (via CBC). When she tragically passed away on September 8, fans shared their grief online and in-person, traveling to Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to the fallen monarch. One cute tribute to the queen has come from fans in Edinburgh, Scotland, who took their corgis on parade (via the Daily Mail). Queen Elizabeth was an avid dog lover, specifically the corgi breed. Her Platinum Jubilee celebrations even saw the first-ever corgi derby.

The queen owned two corgis herself, as well as a corgi and dachshund mix, at the time of her death (via Good To Know). Fans were concerned about what would happen to the beloved dogs now that the queen had passed away and were not thrilled to hear that Prince Andrew will become their new guardian. However, his daughter, Princess Beatrice, also appears to be helping care for the pups.

Since the queen was such an avid dog lover and a passionate caretaker to her dogs, it's no surprise that some may be wondering what the policy at the queen's funeral will look like.

Sadly, at Westminster Abbey, where the service for the queen will take place on September 19, there is a firm policy against dogs on the property (per Sky News). Dogs are not allowed to walk on the grounds of Westminster at all, so it looks like the queen's beloved dogs will have to skip this major event.