General Hospital's Maurice Benard Warns Of Dangerous Online Impersonator

As Soap Central states, Mafia don Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has controlled the Northeastern U.S. territory since 1993 on "General Hospital." His policy of no guns, no drugs, and no prostitution, coupled with the fact that he always protects his loved ones and has been known to defend the innocent, make him something of a good guy. Benard himself, while not someone who engages in illegal activities in real life, is even more of a good guy. He's advocated for mental health awareness for years helping people all over. His charisma and good heart have made him a fan-favorite both as the character Sonny and the actor himself (via TV Overmind).

In 2006, Benard publicly shared his bipolar disorder, which was also written into Sonny's character on the show. According to BP Hope, he has not only become a major advocate for mental health issues, giving lectures on the topic, but he has also written a book about his personal dealings with bipolar disorder. In 2017, his wife, Paula Benard, even produced a film called "The Ghost and the Whale," in which Benard also starred and played a bipolar character. 

Along with opening up about his bipolar disorder, Benard is also beloved by fans when he interacts with them through social media. The combination of showing Sonny's vulnerable side as well as his tenderness with his children has easily won fans over (per Soap Hub). However, recently, Benard has learned that a wrongdoer is scamming people and he's not happy about it.

Maurice Benard shares his displeasure of scam artists

According to, "General Hospital" actor Maurice Benard posted on his Instagram page his frustration at learning that yet another person has been impersonating him, scamming people. He cited a situation where someone told him that their mother was swindled out of $15,000 believing the scammer to be Benard. He was clearly outraged, wondering how someone could live with themself after fleecing people. He pointedly mentioned that people are currently struggling every day to pay their bills in these times. The article warned folks to look out for loved ones in order to ensure they don't fall victim to scam artists as well.

Benard had previously posted on Instagram about someone impersonating him in 2020, asking, "Who else is annooooyed?" In his video, his demeanor changed and his inner Sonny Corinthos channeled through in his anger. He reminded fans that as long as a celebrity's profile has a "blue chip" next to their name, it means that the user is indeed who they say they are. "I got people looking into it," he said. "Hopefully they'll find out who this is. This person will be prosecuted ... I'm done with these scammers and impersonators."

Maurice Benard is the type of person who not only advocates for mental health awareness, but also posts funny videos and every so often, Bernard expresses his love for his wife in a post – making fans wonder how despicable a person must be to commit such a heinous act.