The Queen's Glove Maker Opens Up About Their Emotional History Together

The heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II has plunged the royal family, and Britain at large, into a period of national mourning. Certain brands are completely shutting down in honor of the queen's death. Meanwhile, London's transportation system is facing its biggest challenge of all time as well-wishers descend upon the city to pay their respects. Her Majesty was the longest reigning monarch in British history, and her passing has really put into perspective just how much of an impact she had.

As Prince William put it, to mourners gathered at Sandringham, "I'm learning that she was everyone's grandmother," (via Twitter). Likewise, the beloved ruler's glove-maker admitted it's hard to accept she's gone. Genevieve James, whose mother Cornelia James created the namesake brand that made the queen's gloves since the 1940s, reminisced with Hello! magazine about their time working together. James recalled meeting the queen and introducing herself, only for Her Majesty to confirm, "I know exactly who you are," which the glove maker shared was "the best moment of my life." 

James continued, "I was nothing to her, but she made me feel like I was quite important. That's the sort of knack that she had. She was so much a people's person." She also revealed how the queen checked in when her mother was battling cancer to see how she was, noting, "I thought that was really quite thoughtful. We were just making her gloves really, but she wanted to know how my mother was doing."