The One Word Prince William Used To Describe Walking Behind The Queen's Coffin

When the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was transported to Westminster from Buckingham Palace in a sombre procession, William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, walked in what is known as the "Vigil of Princes" behind their late grandmother's casket (via BBC).

Many people watching the spectacle felt the scene was reminiscent of another time William and Harry walked in such a procession: when they followed the casket of their beloved mother, Princess Diana, after her untimely death. People watching as the princes followed behind their grandmother's coffin speculated how difficult and painful such an experience might be, especially in light of the memories it might bring back. 

Now we know officially how Prince William was feeling during Thursday's procession. When asked by members of the public how he was feeling, the Prince of Wales said that it was "challenging" walking behind the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II (via Twitter).