A Viral Moment Between Prince Harry And A Toddler Is Absolutely Warming Hearts

The Duke of Sussex has been estranged from his family for quite some time, but the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II has brought them back together. And, despite consistently courting negative press since defecting in 2020, the British public had a surprisingly positive reaction when Harry and Meghan greeted the crowds of mourners at Windsor Castle. 

HuffPost reported on how excited everyone was to see the Fab Four joining forces, with the Prince and Princess of Wales accompanying them. Moreover, the Daily Mail confirms that the release of Harry's bombshell memoir has been pushed back to 2023 out of respect for his beloved grandmother.

Social media is very much on Harry's side, especially since a video is going viral on Twitter that shows the Duke of Sussex's popcorn being eaten by a cheeky toddler, mostly unbeknownst to him. Vanity Fair confirms the shocking incident occurred at the 2017 Invictus Games, in Toronto. The hungry tot in question is Emily Henson, the then-2-year-old daughter of original UK Invictus Games team captain, Dave Henson, and his wife, Hayley Henson.

The adorable clip shows Harry chatting away amiably while Emily takes handfuls of his popcorn — the little girl does wait until he's taken his hand out of the box each time, at least. Eventually, Harry notices what's going on and playfully tries to stop her, much to Emily's annoyance. Showcasing the kind of patient father he is, the prince jokes around with her even as Emily grows weary of being at the event.