The Queen's Mourners Are Already Cashing In On Their Experience In The Queue

Just a little over a week since Queen Elizabeth II's death, the 12-day mourning period is well underway in the U.K. With the queen's funeral nearing on September 19, London's transportation system is gearing up for travelers to arrive in estimated record-breaking numbers to be there for the once-in-a-lifetime event. As The New York Times stated, the queen is currently lying in state at Westminister Hall, with fans preparing to spend big bucks to get a piece of the historic pie.

The Daily Mail reports that those who have been mourning the queen's death on-site in London are attempting to profit off of the momentous occasion. Those who have attended the queen's lying-in-state are selling their wristbands for up to £350 via Ebay. Because the turnout in London has been so monumental, wristbands are used for those who are in line and can freely go to the bathroom or get something to eat or drink to return to their place in the queue. Some are selling worn wristbands for as little as £10, with a margin claiming to donate proceeds to charity. 

Maybe time really is money, because apparently those who lined up to view the queen's closed coffin have endured 14-hour waiting times. It should be noted that the queen's funeral is nearing, with an estimated 4.1 billion viewers expected to tune in, so we bet that this won't be the last of mourners trying to cash in during this period of time.