King Charles' Hands Continue To Send Alarm Bells Ringing

Despite his immense grief at the loss of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III has kept his composure during the mourning period. Apart from one day in which Charles was allowed to stay home alone without Camilla, Queen Consort, he has been a busy monarch — signing official documents, greeting mourners in Wales, Scotland, and England, and joining his brothers and sister in a short vigil next to their mother's coffin in Westminster Hall (via The Telegraph).

All these meet-and-greets have royal fans worried that the new king's health might be suffering as a result of his nonstop schedule. Page Six reported that some sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed King Charles's hands seem swollen and redder than normal, as if they had been shaken and squeezed one too many times when he greeted fans. Some made comparisons to sausages, bananas, and other lookalikes. Posting a close-up photo of the king's right hand, one user was concerned: "Forgive me, but the nurse in me is worried about King Charles' hands." Retorted a respondent, "Charles' fingers have the healthy rotundity expected from a proud Gout Man, and we should be celebrating their size."

But another commenter scolded those who made insensitive jokes. Referencing Chris Rock's Oscar jab at Jada Pinkett Smith, the user wrote, "The same people who were shouting about a comedian making fun of a still immensely beautiful woman with hair loss, now making the most disgusting jokes about King Charles' hands. He has arthritis. It hurts."