King Charles Has A Paddington Bear Moment Reminiscent Of His Mother

Before her heartbreaking passing, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her historic 70 years on the British throne with several Platinum Jubilee festivities, including a touching video filmed with Paddington Bear. In the skit — which featured a CGI version of the bear voiced by Ben Whishaw — the two have tea together and share their mutual love of marmalade sandwiches. 

After the queen's passing, the official Twitter account for Paddington sent out a simple message: "Thank you Ma'am, for everything." The tweet received more than 1 million likes, and many of the tributes created by mourners have featured Queen Elizabeth and her special friend, per Newsweek. And as King Charles III and his son, William, Prince of Wales, met with mourners waiting to view the queen as she lies in state, the royal pair was greeted by mourners from Peru, with one holding a giant Paddington Bear, who hails from the South American country. Both Charles and William were noticeably touched.

"I was so emotional I couldn't talk. When King Charles saw Paddington he said 'how marvelous' — and when he realized we came from Peru he was so excited," Nanny Yela told the Mirror. "We are from South America but we absolutely love the queen. Even more since Paddington was such a part of the Jubilee — it made a special link between our countries. She gave 70 years of service so standing in the cold for a few hours is nothing."