The Bold And The Beautiful's Sean Kanan Reveals Deacon's Next Unexpected Move

Ever since Deacon Sharpe came back from the dead on "The Bold and the Beautiful," it seems like he's been involved in one controversy after another. While his relationship timeline has certainly been an interesting one, one of the reasons why he came back to this fictional town of Los Angeles was so he could reconnect with his daughter Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), according to CheatSheet. And while Deacon maintains that he's not the same "bad guy" that he was before, in the short time that he's been back, he's kissed Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), per, and has basically helped Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) continue her reign of terror

And while Deacon might have taken a few steps back (and not enough forward), his portrayer Sean Kanan did tell The TV Water Cooler back in December 2021 that his character certainly is trying his best. He said, "I think Deacon's really trying to do the best he can. Deacon has made a lot of mistakes which has caused a lot of people to slam doors in his face, which relegates him to a place that necessitates him to try to come in through the back door sometimes. Those are the things that wind up causing drama in his life. Unfortunately, sometimes he doesn't have any other options."

That said, it seems like Deacon's next move is a rather unexpected one that will certainly have fans raising their eyebrows!

Deacon might be falling for Sheila

You'd think by now that Deacon Sharpe would be someone who would have learned from his mistakes, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. According to, even though Deacon knows this goes against his better judgment, it looks like he's falling in love with Sheila Carter. Actor Sean Kanan explained to the site, "Begrudgingly, inch by inch, these two people are going to start to have some kind of feelings for each other. It may be dysfunctional, and it may be born out of extraordinary external pressure, but it can't just be quippy and sex."

Well, that shouldn't really surprise anyone that has been paying attention. Sheila's most recent transformation was so convincing that Deacon didn't even know that it was her when they slept together, per Soap Spoiler. Clearly, there's just something about Sheila and her ways that even "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans know that she is one character that will never, ever be dead, even when you think that last nail has been hammered into her coffin, right?