Prince Harry Was Reportedly 'Heartbroken' When This Detail Was Removed From His Military Uniform

Confusion continues over what it means to be a working versus non-working royal. During the final vigils they stood in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, both Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, were given special permission to wear their military uniforms by King Charles III.

Under normal circumstances — and for every other event — the two non-working senior royals have been seen wearing morning coat as part of the strict dress code royals must follow at funerals. This is normal protocol for non-working royals, per the Mirror.

On Saturday, September 17, Prince Harry joined the rest of Queen Elizabeth II's grandchildren as they stood vigil at her casket. Dressed in the uniform of the Blues and Royals, the Mirror noted the Duke of Sussex was wearing his Golden, Diamond, and Platinum Jubilee medals, Army Pilot Wings, and Afghanistan Operational Service Medal.

The gold "ER" insignia — standing for Elizabeth Regina — was missing from Prince Harry's uniform, however. According to Express, the monarch's initials are "only worn by those 'in service' of the monarch," so the initials were seemingly removed because Prince Harry stepped down from official duties.

"He is heartbroken," one source told The Sunday Times. "To remove his grandmother's initials feels very intentional" (via The Sun). The insignia was still seen on the uniform of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the night before, adding fuel to the theory that this was an intentional slight against Harry, given Andrew's standing with the family and as a royal.