Prince Andrew Finally Speaks Out In Official Statement About The Queen's Death

The Duke of York has published a statement honoring his mother Queen Elizabeth II following her tragic death on September 8. Up until this point, Prince Andrew has remained conspicuously quiet about the loss. However, he has appeared in processions following his mother's coffin — not wearing a military uniform, but prompting controversy from some who believe the disgraced royal brings shame upon the family (via Reuters). 

As one critic noted on Twitter, the public hasn't forgotten about his sexual abuse scandal just because the Queen died. Royal fans were particularly upset that the duke was allowed to don his uniform at the vigil at Westminster. Victims of the royal's known associate Jeffrey Epstein were particularly outspoken about him being allowed this honor (via The Guardian).

Despite the storm of public opinion hanging over Prince Andrew's head, his statement about the long-serving monarch may tug at a few heartstrings given its characterization of the beloved figure (via Twitter). "Dear Mummy, Mother, Your Majesty, three in one," the statement began, with the Duke of York going on to convey that it was an honor to serve the Queen. Andrew further praised his mother's "devotion" to the nation.

The statement went on to call attention to the duke's special relationship with the Queen.

The rest of Prince Andrew's statement is rubbing people the wrong way

Indeed, it's the next part of Prince Andrew's statement about the death of Queen Elizabeth II that is raising some eyebrows, with Andrew writing, "Mummy, your love for a son, your compassion, your care, your confidence I will treasure forever."

Of course, that the Queen seemingly stood behind Prince Andrew throughout the scandal that saw him accused of sexual abuse of a minor is not news. The Duke of York was the monarch's constant companion at events such as Prince Philip's memorial service (via The International News). But critics blasted the Queen for remaining in her son's corner given the gravity of the allegations against him. He has denied any wrongdoing, incidentally. 

Meanwhile, the duke's statement concluded with the divisive royal saying he'll miss the Queen's humor and pledging to hold her close in his heart. The duke added about the subsequent chapter of his life, "I will tread gladly into the next with you as my guide."

In mere moments, Twitter was speaking out about the headline-making statement. And some people are understandably nonplussed by what Prince Andrew, who shockingly may still be able to fill in as King for his brother, had to say.

Prince Andrew gets some support following his statement

It won't surprise many that reactions to Prince Andrew's statement about his mother were swift and mostly of the not-so-complimentary in nature, with one person on Twitter calling the statement "weird." Someone else proclaimed the duke's words were "nauseating." Yet another person may have spoken for many by saying no one wants to hear from Prince Andrew. 

Many people used the statement as an opportunity to lambast the duke over the multi-million dollar settlement he paid alleged victim Virginia Giuffre, with social media once again pondering if the monarch herself helped to fund the jaw-dropping amount (via The Conversation).

To be fair, not everyone was ready to condemn the Duke of York for his words, with a supporter urging Twitter users to let a son grieve and "stop hateful words towards him." And other fan voiced that he should be able to express his love for his mother.

The unusual support for the royal may have stemmed from the touching, black-and-white photo Prince Andrew included with his statement, featuring a young Queen Elizabeth cradling him as a baby. The image was taken by Cecil Beaton when the future duke was a newborn (via Daily Mail).