Astrologer Says Queen's Funeral Horoscope Signals Radical Change In Monarchy - Exclusive

Where will you be looking tomorrow? Many are tuning into the livestream of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, while others will be watching the stars. Astrologers have been looking to the stars to make sense of the past, present, and future for centuries. French astrologer Michel de Nostredame — aka Nostradamus — wrote 942 quatrains in 1555 titled "Les Prophéties" that was translated in 2005 by British author Mario Reading, Express reports. In these "prophecies," Nostradamus divined Queen Elizabeth II would die in 2022.

We turned to Astrologer & Spiritual Coach Cameron Martin, PhD for guidance on what the stars and planets are telling us about Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. "In astrology, timing is everything," he explained, adding that even the timing of your birth can provide a "life's blueprint," one that can be decoded in an astrology reading. Similarly, other major life events can be mapped out, offering guidance on what the future may hold.

According to Reading's translation of Nostradamus, the death of Queen Elizabeth II would put King Charles III on the throne — but only for a short time. "The people will force out the King of the islands," the prophecy is said to claim, to be replaced by a man "who never expected to be king." Reading theorizes that King Charles III will never escape his marriage to Princess Diana, and the public resentment for his treatment of her — now mythologized and memorized in Netflix's "The Crown" — will be "too much for the new king."

Will the death of Queen Elizabeth II be the end of the British Monarchy?

Big changes are in store for the British monarchy, according to Astrologer & Spiritual Coach Cameron Martin, PhD. Martin, who did an astrology reading for 7:30 p.m. BST — when the queen is said to be laid to rest — found that, "this is a powerful moment of change in identity" not just for Great Britain, but the whole world.

Pluto will be in Capricorn at this time, which Martin tells us means the change in rulership in the United Kingdom "will have very practical implications" for everyone.

Martin claims the most significant piece of this astrological puzzle, though, is that Chiron will be in conjunction with Aries, the rising sign at the time Queen Elizabeth II will be buried. "This moment will challenge us to look at our collective wounds around identity and to claim who we are," Martin explained. He adds that this is suggesting we "push past what stands in the way of expressing our true identity."

This feeling is supported by the moon's placement in Cancer, suggesting to Martin that "returning home" will be the defining feeling of the moment. Six planets being in retrograde is also shockingly helpful; "sluggish" energy will help us slow down and evaluate where we are and how we got here. 

But everything won't be smooth and slow for long: The North Node and Uranus will be in the first house, indicating "surprising shifts and awakening," which Martin says indicates a reconsideration of valuations and overall transformations "of society."