Lady Louise Windsor Honors The Queen In This Subtle Way

Lady Louise Windsor — who is not a princess unlike her cousins Eugenie and Beatrice — still had a very close relationship with her grandmother, the Queen. In fact, according to some reports, the daughter of the former monarch's youngest son Prince Edward was her favorite of the eight grandchildren, who all stood vigil by the family matriarch's coffin Saturday night (via British Heritage).

One of the shared passions the 18-year-old had with Queen Elizabeth was horses. As recently as May of this year, just months before she tragically died, the Queen watched Lady Louise carriage driving at a royal horse show (via Hello!). Incidentally, the monarch's late husband Prince Philip was a huge fan of the sport as well.

Flash forward to the very sad passing of the grandmother of eight, and Lady Louise opted to honor the Queen in a subtle and personal way. In case you missed the bittersweet moment, all of Queen Elizabeth's grandchildren stood around her coffin together, with their heads bowed. Among the close-knit clan was Louise, who adorned her neck with a delicate horse necklace, which stood out against the somber, all-black attire she, like her cousins, wore (via Us Weekly).

About the hard-to-watch occasion that saw the Queen's grandchildren united in their grief, Twitter was both saddened and uplifted, especially after a user shared a joking suggestion that perhaps all twelve of the beloved icon's great-grandchildren, who range in age from pre-teen to infancy, stand vigil as well.