Joe And Jill Biden's Arrival At The Queen's Funeral Has Twitter Drawing This Meghan And Harry Connection

Rehearsals for the queen's funeral took place before sunrise on Tuesday, September 13, according to The Guardian. Nothing can be left to chance, particularly with the event, which takes place today, being televised and live-streamed globally. In fact, the queen's funeral is expected to break a major record, with the Daily Mail estimating that a whopping 4.1 billion viewers are anticipated to tune in. 

Joe and Jill Biden are among the celebrity mourners. The first couple was captured sweetly holding hands as they entered Westminster Abbey (via The Independent). Social media users wasted no time drawing comparisons to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with one sarcastically quipping, "Shock! Horror! President Biden and Mrs[.] Biden are holding hands! And PM Trudeau too! How disrespectful! Don't they know that's not acceptable?" 

Another argued, "Wondering if all the racists who kicked off about #HarryandMeghan holding hands as an unforgivable breach in imaginary protocol are going be as vicious to President Biden holding hands with his wife? . . . I guess not." They were referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's PDA at the queen's procession, which had the internet seriously divided. The couple was spotted holding hands then, too. 

Although several users contended that the outrage over the Sussexes wasn't justified, as one commentator clarified, the main issue is that there's a "difference between 'attending the funeral' and 'being part of the OFFICIAL procession as direct members of the royal family,'" which was allegedly why certain people took offense.