How Kate Middleton's Family Paid Their Final Respects To The Queen

As the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II forges on, all eyes are on the royal family. The queen's son, King Charles III, has made speeches to show his affection and honor for his late mother, per E! News. All of her children have made appearances, joining a royal walkabout at Sandringham Estate to greet mourners, look at tributes, and honor the queen.

But if you look closely, the royals have also been paying their respect by their subtle outfit choices. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, sported a pair of diamond earrings that were a gift from the queen during her first public appearance, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, per Katie Couric Media. According to People, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, also honored Queen Elizabeth II by wearing jewelry previously owned by the queen. 

But as the day of the funeral continues, onlookers are noticing how important non-royals, such as Kate's family, are paying their respects.

Kate Middleton's parents arrived early and her brother gave a lovely tribute

While not royals themselves, the parents of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, are still of interest to many viewing the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. According to the Daily Mail, Kate has a close-knit family and that extends to their in-laws. Her husband, William, Prince of Wales, reportedly thinks of Kate's parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, as a second family. The Middletons also had a good relationship with the late queen, so it makes sense that the pair would be considered VIPs for the funeral.

The Middletons arrived about two hours early, arriving just behind Queen Camilla's son, Tom Parker Bowles, per the Daily Mail. Dressed in sleek black outfits, they appeared somber in mourning. And while Kate's siblings, James and Pippa, will not be at the funeral, James did post a tribute to the queen earlier in the week, expressing his adoration of her. He wrote in an Instagram post, "Queen Elizabeth II, the epitome of steady grace, resolve and reassurance. Our constant in a world of change. Thank you for a lifetime of service and leadership."