The Queen Spent Her Final Days With One Of Her Most Devoted Aides

Before Queen Elizabeth's heartbreaking death, she spent her last days at Balmoral Castle in the company of family and dedicated staffers. As reported by the Daily Mail, Paul Whybrew, the queen's page of the backstairs, was 19 when he began working for the royal family. His 44 years of service make him the longest-serving staff member. 

Over a foot taller than Elizabeth, the 6'4" aide was known as "Tall Paul." As a nod to his discretion, he was also known as "Keeper of the Queen's secrets," per My London.

Paul had the distinction of being Elizabeth's favorite courtier (via The Telegraph). During the days leading up to the queen's death, he constructed puzzles with her and provided companionship. According to Hello! Magazine, Paul was also a "constant presence" during the pandemic lockdown. 

In 1982, Paul performed a heroic service for the queen when he dealt with a person who had broken into the queen's bedroom. The page bravely led the intruder away from the sleeping monarch by offering him whiskey, per Daily Mail. 

Paul also played a recognizable role in the James Bond sketch that was produced for the 2012 London Olympics. Distinguished by his height, the aide walks on one side of the queen, while Bond actor Daniel Craig walks on the other, per Express.

In recognition of his dedication, Paul was one of 10 staff members who walked with the royal family behind the queen's coffin in the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall (via Telegraph).