Kate Middleton's Outfit For The Queen's Funeral Harkens Back To Another Royal Event

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II brought many prominent members of the royal family together for this historic event. One member present for today's events was Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales. Kate attended the funeral alongside members of the royal family, including her husband William, Prince of Wales; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex; Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex; and the newly ascended King Charles III. While most of the focus for the funeral has been on honoring the queen, there's also a spotlight on the fashion. Even though Kate isn't the royal that Twitter has named best dressed, her look at the funeral still has people talking.

Per People, Kate's outfit is one that she has one before but with a twist. The Princess of Wales wore a black Alexander McQueen coat dress ensemble for the funeral, pairing it with lavish pearl earrings and a pearl choker. For Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Kate (appropriately) chose the black version of the coat dress, a choice best suited for the solemn nature of today's events. However, the last time she donned an Alexander McQueen coat dress for an event, it was white. Kate's fashion repeat comes only three months after the initial white coat dress which she donned for Trooping the Colour in June.

The dress isn't the only part of Kate's funeral outfit that she has recycled for a significant royal event. She wore the same jewelry last year to Prince Philip's funeral (via Today).