Piers Morgan Slams Meghan And Harry During Live Coverage Of The Queen's Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral took place on September 19, drawing a record-breaking four billion viewers from around the world. According to the Mirror, Piers Morgan reported live on the event for Fox News, where he didn't hold back his criticisms of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attended the queen's funeral along with around 2,000 guests including other members of the royal family and world leaders (per CNBC). Their role in the funeral was significant — Harry stood beside his brother William, Prince of Wales, during the procession, for example (via People). But in other ways, the Sussexes's strained relationship with the royal family was evident.

According to TIME, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were placed in the second row at the funeral, rather than being given seats in the front row with Prince William, Princess Catherine of Wales, and other top royals. Harry was also banned from wearing military uniform attire, due to his relinquishing of his royal duties.

Clearly, Harry and Meghan are treated a bit differently than other key members of the royal family. But to some onlookers — like Morgan — Harry and Meghan only had it coming.

Piers Morgan claims Meghan and Harry 'made the queen's life so difficult'

During Fox's live reporting of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Piers Morgan slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, saying the couple "made the queen's life so difficult for the last two years of her life." The uncensored comment came during a conversation with Sharon Osbourne, as the queen's coffin was en route to Windsor, the late monarch's final resting place.

Morgan speculated on air that Harry, the Duke of Sussex's decision to step away from his royal duties and move to California was "an attack on Camilla [Parker Bowles] ... who Harry still blames for the breakup of his parents' marriage." Later in the live program, he compared Meghan to Wallis Simpson, the American woman who romanced King Edward VIII and was a factor in his abdication from the throne in 1936 (per The Argus).

Given Morgan's long-standing disapproval of the Sussexes, his comments were hardly surprising. Still, Express reports that some fans didn't agree with his views. The Argus similarly noted that some online commenters found the timing of Morgan's remarks to be in poor taste, given that the day was meant to be about the queen.