How The Queen's Funeral Broke A Record Previously Held By The Moon Landing

On September 19th, history was made when Queen Elizabeth II's funeral drew a record-breaking number of viewers. Express reported that an estimated staggering 4 billion people tuned in to watch Her Majesty be laid to rest, while 2,000 people said goodbye in person. According to the outlet, roughly 1 million traveled to pay their final respects in person before the funeral took place.

No expense was spared at Queen Elizabeth II's beloved final homecoming, with British taxpayers doling out millions for the massive security presence put in place. The historic day was one filled with touching moments, including personal notes from King Charles III, Prince William, and Princess Catherine (via Town & Country). This loving gesture was reminiscent of the time the queen placed a handwritten note with the words "I love you" on her husband Prince Phillip's coffin, Today reported.

Her Majesty's influence on the modern world, coupled with her ability to form lasting connections with the people she served, will be felt long after she is gone. With her popularity and the unwavering loyalty she inspired, it's no surprise that the queen's funeral shattered multiple records — including, notably, the viewership of the moon landing — in just one morning. In 1969, approximately 650 million people watched Neil Armstrong become the first person to walk on the moon (via The Washington Post).