Kyle Abrams Opens Up About Relationship With Love Is Blind Costar Deepti - Exclusive

Any fans of the Netflix series "Love Is Blind" likely remember the moment in the Season 2 reunion when Kyle Abrams said his biggest regret from the show was not proposing to Deepti Vempati. During Season 2 of the hit reality show, both Abrams and Vempati got engaged, but not to each other. Abrams proposed to Shaina Hurley, though she eventually called off their engagement before the wedding. And Vempati was engaged to Shake Chatterjee, to whom she said no at the altar. But since Abrams admitted to wishing he'd proposed to Vempati, there's been speculation and questions about the pair's relationship.

Now, Netflix has released "Love Is Blind: After the Altar," a three-episode series following the cast members after their weddings and seeing where their relationships and single lives have taken them. During an exclusive interview with The List, Kyle Abrams opened up about his experience on "Love Is Blind" and about his relationship with Vempati.

Kyle and Deepti built their connection during Love Is Blind

One of Kyle Abrams' biggest complaints after watching his season of "Love Is Blind" was that he didn't think it portrayed an accurate depiction of his relationships. Although it showed his relationship with Shaina Hurley, from them meeting in the pods and getting engaged to eventually calling off the engagement, he said it didn't show the good parts of their dynamic. "It didn't even show me having great interactions with Shaina. It showed all the negative and awkward moments. I'm like, 'Do you know how many times we died laughing together?'" Abrams said.

But beyond his relationship with Shaina, he said the series completely cut his interactions with Deepti Vempati. The two of them met in the pods and, according to Abrams, almost got engaged, but none of that made it into the final cut of the series. Because their relationship wasn't shown on screen, some people were skeptical when during the reunion episode, Abrams said he regretted not proposing to Vempati. But Abrams assured The List that they have a very real connection. "We had amazing conversations that never got shown. And people are like, 'They're just fake friends. They're fake relationships.' Bulls*** — we talked for hours and almost might have gotten engaged. Not to mention, after the show, we hung out every single day just by ourselves for fun because we loved hanging out with each other," he said.

Why he spoke up during the reunion

Kyle Abrams shared that one of the biggest reasons he and Deepti Vempati get along is because of their shared humor. Unfortunately, he didn't think that aspect of their personalities was well showcased in the original series and is hoping viewers will enjoy seeing more of their genuine interactions in "After the Altar." "She's really witty and funny. That was the best part of our relationship — we banter and have conversations. That in itself could be a show," Abrams said.

Ultimately, he decided to speak up about his feelings for Vempati during the reunion because he felt like she wasn't getting enough credit. "It also was the way that Shake was going off the rails. I was like, 'Wow, she's so underappreciated, and you're an idiot.' I wanted to make that a point. That was my motivation, how he was crashing and burning. I was like, 'You're not shedding any positive light on Deepti right now. You're just making it about [your]self.' It was so annoying," he recalled. Since the reunion, fans have been dying to know if Abrams and Vampati are dating. And it seems like they may finally get some answers from "After the Altar." In the three-episode series, the pair considers moving the friendship they've developed into a committed romantic relationship.

You can stream "Love Is Blind: After the Altar" Season 2 on Netflix.