Martha Stewart's Best Tips And Tricks For Keeping Marble Looking Brand New

Marble surfaces are gorgeous, but it can be hard work to keep them in top shape. There are a lot of care tips on the web, ranging from helpful to downright weird. To get to the truth, look to the queen of homemaking herself: Martha Stewart. 

For many, the former model is synonymous with homemaking. She's got tips and tricks for pretty much anything, even for notoriously tricky topics. According to Stewart's website, marble can be easily damaged. She should know because, as she told Frederic Magazine, she has marble countertops and floors in her kitchen! The stone is a fairly soft surface that's as delicate as it is beautiful and can get stained by spills or scratched by decor pieces.

Everyday life can wreak havoc on your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are common places for marble, and they're also often a hub of activity. It's crucial to establish a care routine. From daily cleansing to removing tough stains, don't wait for a mess to educate yourself; with a little bit of work — and some tips from Stewart — you can keep your marble looking brand new. 

Cleaning routines are the key to keeping marble looking fresh

Marble can be a great investment in your home, so you don't want to slack on care. According to The Spruce, the list of food and beverages that can damage marble surfaces is pretty long. It includes tomatoes, coffee, juice, and other common items. While vinegar is used in many cleaning routines, it's too acidic to use on marble. One of Martha Stewart's best cleaning tips consists of a fairly simple routine: cleanse with mild dishwashing liquid and water, then gently dry.

Even if there's a big mess, never bust out heavy cleaners. This video from Martha Stewart suggests skipping all-purpose cleaners altogether as they aren't designed for use on delicate surfaces. Instead, opt for a pH-neutral cleaner. The safest way to combat stains is through prevention and routine care. If you do notice a stain, you can buy a mixture formulated to gently combat them. 

Sealing and maintaining marble is important

Aside from daily care, there are a few other steps to add in your cleaning routine to keep your marble looking fresh. Martha Stewart's website recommends keeping a surface between the marble and anything you might put on it to prevent any mishaps. Cutting boards and silicone mats are helpful tools that will keep your marble counters looking glamorous. Always use a trivet when dealing with hot pots and pans. Coasters are essential for keeping coffee and wine off the marble, and a table runner can help prevent scratches from decor.

Another tip for keeping your marble looking brand new is to reseal it. Marble is usually covered with a protective coating that helps prevent stains from making their way into the surface, making it easier to clean. It doesn't last forever, though, so you'll want to get your marble resealed every couple of years — more if your marble sees heavy use, or if it gets a lot of UV exposure (via The Decolorologist). You can seal the marble yourself or hire a professional to do it. To maintain your marble surfaces between sealings, you can use a marble polish. With proper care, marble surfaces will stay stunning for years.

Taking care of your marble surfaces doesn't have to be rocket science and with a little bit of work your marble will look as pristine as Stewart's!