Melania Trump's Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II Has Twitter Divided

The world was united yesterday during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Mourners from all over the world traveled to the United Kingdom to pay their respects to Britain's longest-reigning monarch (via The New York Times). One man, who flew from Zurich to pay his respects told the outlet, "in this changing world, she was a pillar of the old world," adding that "it's nice to have something that's stable and stands for good values."

Even the royal family, which has come under some division in the last few years following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, choosing to leave their royal duties for life in California, stood united to honor the queen.

While the royal family was joined by several prominent government officials, American representation was slim. Although there were over 2,000 people on the invite list for the queen's funeral, the only members of the American government in attendance were President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden (per Today).

Though all five of the former living presidents were invited, Donald and Melania Trump were not in attendance. That didn't stop Melania from posting in honor of the queen, and it certainly got people talking.

Melania's Twitter post received a lot of backlash

Though Donald and Melania Trump did not attend Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, it didn't stop them from speaking out in honor of the fallen monarch. On the day of the funeral, Melania took to Twitter, attaching four photos of herself and Donald with the queen. "RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II," Melania wrote. " We are grateful for your strength, grace, and dedication for over seven decades. I will always treasure the time we spent together."

Twitter had a lot to say in response to the post. One user shared what Barack Obama and Michelle Obama wrote — a beautiful and lengthy tribute to the queen — and said, "Notice the Obama's recognition is all about the Queen and Melania's is her." Another chimed in, "I appreciate the sentiment, but you know she hated you and Don right? Like no really, you know that, right?"

While some tweeted in support of the former first lady, like one user who said, "It was such a pleasure to have you as our first lady. The class and elegance you brought to the office was refreshing," it appears most of the responses to Melania's tweet were negative.