Best Wedding Gifts Of 2022 That Every Couple Will Cherish

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It's time to celebrate the happy couple — hooray! But if you're anything like us, your next thought immediately settles on the challenge of wedding gift ideas. Now, if you're super organized and one of those go-getters we've all heard so much about, you pop onto the couple's wedding gift registry right away. Unfortunately, many of us procrastinate and miss this opportunity. And in some scenarios — like when your bestie gets married — you might want to buy something that has special meaning. Either way, it takes careful thought and consideration.

Oh, and let's not forget that news sources such as USA Today report that the costs associated with being a wedding guest are on the rise. But before you start searching the couch cushions for loose change, we're here to share some good news: A meaningful wedding gift doesn't need to empty your bank account. Go big or go small; what's more important is choosing a gift that reflects the couple's lifestyle and interests.

Sure, it'll still take a little creativity, but you're in the right place!

How we selected the best wedding gifts

We're not going to sugarcoat it, folks: A lot is riding on this decision. You adore the happy couple and want to choose a special gift they'll cherish for years. That's, um, kind of a big deal, so in addition to scouring the web for quality products with top-notch ratings like we've done with the best running shoes for women, the cutest graphic sweatshirts on Amazon, and more, we created a panel of wedding experts to lend a hand. 

This was a critical step because not only is it getting more costly to attend a wedding, but according to the New York Times, there's even an increase in the number of weddings. Yikes; it costs more to attend, and we may get more wedding invites than in the past? It's time for the experts to step up, for sure.

Meet our panel of experts

In curating this list, we had the help of several experts in the industry. Sara Margulis is the CEO of the popular honeymoon and cash registry site Honeyfund and brings over 16 years of experience to the panel. Senior Weddings Editor and Expert Hannah Nowak took time from her hectic schedule at The Knot to help guide the search for wedding gifts that look and feel special. They're joined by wedding planners Christine Haines Greenberg, the CEO of Urban Set Bride; Lara Mahler, CEO of the NYC wedding firm The Privilege Is Mine; founder of Leilani Weddings, Danielle Leilani, who has been published in over 20 national wedding magazines and online resources; and Jessica Bishop, founder of The Budget Savvy Bride and author of the best-selling wedding planning book "The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer."

Additionally, we have the pleasure of hearing from Amber Walker of Amber Walker Events, who readily shares what she's gleaned for over a decade in the business, and Jessica Tober, Wedding and Events Manager for the Four Seasons Minneapolis hotel.

The panel also includes creative experts throughout the wedding industry, such as fine jewelry expert and bridal concierge Stephanie Gottlieb. She has her own jewelry line and created the design for Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's wedding bands. From there, we're delighted to learn from Kaitlin Moss, who shares her hosting expertise on her blog, The Every Hostess. And what's a wedding without a toast to the happy couple? Well, Earlecia Richelle is an expert at that and more in her role as National Brand Ambassador for St. Germain Liqueur. To this creative collective, floral paper artist Zoe Bradley brings expertise and inspiration. Her work is known worldwide, so much so she's collaborated with Louis Vuitton. And it has been our genuine delight to learn from gifting expert Laura Jennings, the founder and CEO of Knack gift shops.

We couldn't have dreamed up a better roundtable of wedding experts, so let's check out all the excellent advice!

Holy guacamole — this is a great wedding gift!

Any gift that comes with a certificate of authenticity is special. This handmade Talavera-style molcajete (mortar and pestle) is a case in point. The technique associated with Talavera ceramics, which originated in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, and is practiced in Mexico, made headlines in 2019 when UNESCO announced its classification as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity," as reported by the New York Times. So, if you're invited to the nuptials for a couple known for their love of crave-worthy guacamole recipes, this is a unique wedding gift that will be a topic of conversation at all their future soirees.

The piece is flying under the radar on Amazon's Handmade market, but one Amazon customer said its volcanic stone base is hefty, well made, and beautiful.

Expert Tip: "We have been reminded that our time together is priceless," says Jessica Tober, the Wedding and Events Manager for Four Seasons Minneapolis. She suggests that the best wedding gifts support "finding ways of spending time and relishing in moments together." By the same token, guacamole lovers will cherish their time together while cooking it up in the kitchen.

Price: The Handmade Talavera Mortar and Pestle is available on Amazon for $139.99.

Social Media Highlight: After the newlyweds have opened their gift, you can share this awesome YouTube video showing the artisans blasting the rock and then hand-chiseling the molcajete. Plus, it turns out "talavera wedding" is an extremely popular search on Pinterest, with page after page of blissful blue and white tiled ceramics and even wedding cakes. So, keep it in mind if you need gift wrapping inspiration for a special foodie gift.

Gift this marshmallow blanket to celebrate all the newlywed snuggles

Love is forever, and now — through the glory of recycling — so are snuggles! The Unhide Marshmallow blanket is made from 90% recycled materials, and customers agree that it has earned its 5-star rating. Reading through the reviews is a pretty intense experience; people are especially passionate about this ginormous (60" x 80"!) cozy blanket. Among the 582 reviews, one customer describes how cuddly it is, remarking how it "lavishly lulls [her] to a pampered slumber."

With reviews like that, it's no wonder 100% of reviewers said they would recommend the blanket to friends. Add a note of congratulations to the wedding card along with a cozy hot toddy recipe, and it's the perfect gift!

Expert Tip: "Who doesn't love a [cozy] throw blanket in a neutral color that can find a place in any room?" This rhetorical question comes by way of hosting expert Kaitlin Moss. Along those lines, wedding expert Amber Walker assures us that "With modern times, so many couples live together before marriage so if that is the case more than likely they wont need a blender or towels," so something cozy and versatile is a great gifting option.

Price: The Marshmallow Blanket is available at UnHide for $199.

Social Media Highlight: If you're looking for an excuse to ignore all of your responsibilities, visit Unhide's Instagram feed, which has nearly 38,000 followers. It's a snuggle-fest of epic proportions; we're talking humans and floofs alike. This makes sense, considering Ellen DeGeneres, known for animal advocacy work, is the celebrity force behind the brand, according to Fast Company.

Cheers! These handmade wine glasses help empower artisans

Wine glasses are always a great gift, offering the added benefit of everyday luxury. In fact, these recycled beauties are handblown, so they're serving up vino and vibes in equal measure. If you're looking to gift the lovebirds a complete set, it's easy and affordable as these fair-trade glasses include six glasses for under $50. With this gift, the newlyweds can invite the wedding party over for a roses and rosé party on their first anniversary, which would be perfectly en vogue, according to Forbes.

One customer, who contributed to the set's 4.7-star rating and loved the gift's authenticity, said that it's clear these didn't come off an assembly line and "are clearly made individually. The glass is thick, and the stem feels sturdy." She went on to say, "These will be a great addition to my wine-tasting parties!"

Expert Tip: With so many ways to approach selecting a wedding gift — from practical household products to sentimental keepsakes — we were eager for Jessica Bishop's advice. As the founder of The Budget Savvy Bride and author of "The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer," Jessica is a great resource for wedding gift inspiration. She came through big-time, saying, "For guests who want to give something lasting and tangible, consider items that the couple will use in celebratory moments of their lives," such as special stemware or wine glasses.

Price: The Set of 6 NOVICA Hand Blown Recycled Wine Glasses is available on Amazon for $49.99.

Social Media Highlight: Novica is known to be "an impact marketplace," offering fair-trade products that prioritize the livelihood of artisans around the world. Between the brand's mission and unique, high-quality goods, people continually clammer for their content on Pinterest. The brand has 128,900 followers and gets over 9 million monthly views of the goods created by its global network of 2,000 craftspeople and artisans.

The ultimate wedding gift — a luxurious bespoke whiskey blend

Skip the gimmicky gifts and opt for something bespoke — created just for the newlyweds. Designer Dram, which has a 4.9 Trust Pilot rating of "Excellent," allows customers to create custom blends of whiskey. The process includes deciding the specific percentages of bourbon, barley rye, etc. and then takes the customer through the next steps of selecting alcohol strength and label customization.

Wine is fine, but whiskey is less risky, especially because Statistica reported that US whiskey sales reached 16.6 billion dollars in 2021. So we'll raise a glass to that!

Expert Tip: While many experts say that buying from the couple's gift registry is best, sometimes they don't have one, or it's already been depleted. And in rare cases, you just want to get them something special, especially if you know them well. In these circumstances, "Personalization is always key," advises fine jewelry and bridal concierge expert Stephanie Gottlieb. These special scenarios are a good opportunity to gift "a personalized experience that they would love."

Price: The Custom Whiskey is available at Designer Dram, starting at $169.

Social Media Highlight: If you're someone who likes to be in the know early, check out Designer Dram's in-depth whiskey wonderland on Instagram.

Dinner is served — from Greece, with love

It can be a near-impossible goal to create equally elegant and approachable dinnerware, but here it is. This 16-piece dinnerware set is handmade in Greece and has an off-white glossy interior with a contrasting natural textured exterior. The white glaze is beautifully irregular, creating a unique aesthetic. Amazon's handmade market showcases goods that might otherwise go unnoticed, and thank goodness, because we're swooning over this wedding-worthy gift. And if the couple adheres to the tradition of freezing the top tier of their wedding cake, as reported by Minted, it will look fabulous on these plates!

It's ranked #57 in Amazon's Handmade Dishware and Serveware, but it's the only dinnerware set among the top 100!

Expert Tip: "Understand the couple's lifestyle. If they are busy homemakers who like to entertain at home...find a gift that relates to their direct passions and interests." These wise words from Zoe Bradley seem to sum it up so well, and we love this approachable sophisticated dinnerware set for those who love entertaining.

Price: The Handmade Stoneware Dinnerware Set is available on Amazon for $235.

Social Media Highlight: Creating pottery — in all its many forms — is so popular that it yields 4.4 billion views on TikTok and has been featured by the BBC. We applaud you if you've got some extra time and want to create your own handmade dinner plates for the special couple. But you can take a shortcut while celebrating craftspeople by filling your Amazon cart with this dinnerware, which just so happens to go with most home décor.

Give a timeless wedding gift — because that charcuterie trend is here to stay

Obviously, you need to give them a charcuterie board; they're in love and need to celebrate their wedded bliss with rose-shaped salami slices and plenty of cheese. Millennials are over-the-top smitten with noshing charcuterie, according to Buzzfeed, but isn't everyone? We say "yes," as we stuff our faces with olives and Gouda goodness in between searching for the perfect wedding gifts.

This cheese board is rated 4.7 stars and has over 3,800 ratings. Plus, its wallet-friendly price tag leaves plenty of room to buy a basketful of charcuterie board supplies and ingredients to turn this into the ultimate wedding gift for foodies.

Expert Tip: One of the common concerns regarding buying a wedding gift is how much to spend. "Let the registry be your guide on how much the couple hopes you invest. But we all know the cost of everything is higher these days," says wedding expert Christine Haines Greenberg. With that in mind, she assured us that it's not the price tag but the thoughtfulness that makes the most impact.

Price: The 4-Drawer Charcuterie Board is available on Amazon for $53.99.

Social Media Highlight: With all the charcuterie chaos, one video stands supreme on YouTube. This DIY focaccia bread charcuterie board tutorial, which has 16 million views, is a testament to how much we all adore crafty, curated party snacks.

Make sure the newlyweds are cozy with custom his & her bathrobes

When you're favorite adorable couple gets married, you buy them coordinating bathrobes, of course! This set is available in five colors and four wording options, and the customer review images are giving us all the feels. One couple went with the "King and Queen" theme and loved the quality, mentioning, "The material also definitely feels luxurious and spa-like quality."

In addition to the five embroidery options, the brand offers free customization service, making it easy to order "husband and husband" and any other cute couple vibes, nicknames, or celebratory phrases. Plus, the 2-robe set has over 1,500 ratings!

Expert Tip: "Lately, I've been seeing more people gravitating toward elevated versions of everyday items, says Earlecia Richelle. She has the inside scoop on wedding trends in her role as National Brand Ambassador for St-Germain Liqueur and her work as a cultural curator. "Whether this be glassware, bar utensils, plates, or cutlery, couples are choosing more elegant and stylish designs that they normally wouldn't purchase on their own."

Price: The Matching Couple's Robe Set is available on Amazon for $94.99.

Social Media Highlight: Toss the bouquet and your day's agenda aside; you'll need a few hours to hunker down with the AW Bridal's Pinterest feed, which gets over 4 million monthly views. Don't have a bouquet? No worries, you can get some home office flower inspiration from the frame-after-frame of flowery images on the brand's Instagram account.

Wedded bliss begins with lovingly prepared bowls of pasta

In addition to the yummy outcome, PopSugar reports that cooking together as a couple has a lot of relationship benefits. Time spent cooking with one another strengthens bonds and inherently creates a mindful experience since you're both very much "in the moment." You can level up that experience further by gifting a gourmet pasta gift box from Bona Furtuna. This set includes a package of busiate pasta made from ancient grains, pasta sauce, basil, and a herbed salt blend.

The brand is known for its olive oil as well, which comes from the company's grove of 12,000 olive trees, some of which are over 1,000 years old. Among those trees, you'll find the Biancolilla Centinara — a tree that was once threatened with extinction and can now only be found in Bona Furtuna's grove. How's that for a love story?

Expert Tip: In many ways, "the gift of good food is a love language." We could not agree more with this sentiment from Danielle Leilani, founder of Leilani Weddings. She suggests that a special evening together is always a memorable gift. "If what you are considering for the couple is truly unique and special, there is nothing better than sharing new experiences with those we care for!"

Price: The Taste Of Trapani Pasta Gift Set is available at Bona Furtuna for $80.

Social Media Highlight: Bona Furtuna's Instagram feed is spilling over with pasta moments, of course. But we also love the reminders that the brand is a Certified B Corporation™ that works with small producers to create signature organic sauces, pasta, and spreads.

Win the wedding gift season with this versatile kitchen essential

Weddings and honeymoons can be expensive, so sometimes the happy couple is reluctant to splurge on new appliances for themselves. This De'Longhi Air Fryer will ensure that the post-wedding thank-you note is stained with tears of joy. In addition to its primary function of air frying, it has the convenience of being used as a convection-style toaster oven. Plus, it comes with accessories, including a fry basket and a pizza pan, perfect for making air fryer grilled cheese.

Customers on the brand's website rate the fryer 4.8-stars, and one Amazon reviewer says, "do not hesitate to use this item's technology!" If you're wondering if air fryers are a flash-in-the-pan fad that will soon fade, New York Magazine's Grub Street reports that air fryers are here to stay!

Expert Tip: We were eager for Sara Margulis' advice on wedding gift budgeting. As CEO of Honeyfund, we value her fiscally-minded expertise on this oft-debated topic. "While your budget is the primary factor in deciding how much to give," she says, "your relationship does impact how much you should spend. Shoot for $150, give or take $100, depending on your budget. Close family of the couple like parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles typically give more."

Price: The De'Longhi Air Fry Oven is available on Amazon for $249.96.

Social Media Highlight: De'Longhi is well-known for its small kitchen appliances. So much so, it has the backing of Brad Pitt, who teamed up with the brand on an espresso maker. Between that and the brand's many cooking-related videos, the YouTube channel has over 12.6 million views.

Customize these infinity roses for the gift of a lifetime

As if grown with water fresh from the fountain of youth, these specially preserved roses last an entire year. Choose from 15 color choices, and the bloom designers will carefully create this statement arrangement using anywhere between 22 and 25 roses. Even better, have the wood vase customized with the couple's name, date of the nuptials, or other meaningful inscription.

This unique wedding gift has earned a 5-star rating, with one client raving, "These roses are an attention getter! ...if you're like me & spend money & personal time arranging weekly floral arrangements, then ordering these unique roses in a cool vessel is well worth it! The fact that they are maintenance free, look perfect & fresh is well worth the price."

Expert Tip: One of the trickier wedding gift scenarios is when a co-worker gets married. Is it okay to pool money together and give a "group gift?" We asked Laura Jennings to chime in since she's a gifting expert and CEO of Knack, Inc. She answered with a resounding 'yes' — "especially when the group knows the couple together, for instance, if co-workers want to gift the couple something from the team."

Price: The Limited Edition Custom Wooden Dream Infinity Roses are available at Rosebox for $339.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram feed is basically a bed of roses, and we'd be 100% fine to just curl up and take a luxurious nap amidst all the blooms. And with our wedding gift shopping all done, we're delighted to bask in the brand's elegance along with the other 111,000 followers.

This Turkish coffee set is a unique wedding gift for the coffee culture couple

If the newlyweds are coffee aficionados, then a Turkish coffee set is the way to go. The traditional way of making Turkish coffee involves heating the small pot over intensely hot sand. Healthline describes the process and its potential health benefits, but as coffee ritual lovers, we also love the experience of this authentic preparation. The couple can replicate the cozy ritual at home, and your legendary gifting will be talked about for years to come.

New to Amazon in 2020, this set is already highly ranked with a 4.6-star rating and includes six coffee cups with lids and saucers as well as a sugar bowl and tray.

Expert Tip: Every now and again, you might hear debate about whether bringing a boxed gift to the wedding is okay. We brought in another top-tier wedding expert to tackle this one. Hannah Nowak is Senior Weddings Editor and Expert at The Knot, and she said it's always best to ship the gift directly because "you don't want to worry about your gift getting lost in the shuffle, and couples already have enough to keep track of at the wedding." But she did mention, "If you want to bring something to the wedding, you can feel free to bring a card." So, on behalf of frazzled wedding parties everywhere, please have your gift shipped directly to the lovebirds!

Price: The Alisveristime Turkish Coffee Set is available on Amazon for $89.90.

Social Media Highlight: Insider has 7.8 million followers on YouTube, and the video showing how to make Turkish coffee over sand has accumulated over 2 million views.

Votive shmotive — this standing height candle holder is elegant AF

Why do Nordic goods make for such exceptional wedding gifts? That's easy; the vibe is simple and comforting, according to Apartment Therapy. Take, for example, this statement piece — a floor-height candle holder. Not only is it a memorable wedding gift, but its simplicity also lends itself to any décor. In addition, it stands at just shy of three feet tall, so it will add cozy ambiance without being awkwardly large.

Plus, we adore that Olson House owner, Teresa Olson, wrote a heartfelt note to customers that states she's a "proud Scandinavian who values supportive community and a sustainable lifestyle."

Expert Tip: Lara Mahler, founder of the wedding planning collective The Privilege is Mine sees wedding trends changing in her day-to-day conversations with brides, grooms, and partners. "Thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding traditions" is shifting the landscape of late. We love this new take on the traditional special-occasion candle gifting!

Price: The Ferm Living Holy Casted Candleholder is available at Olson House for $115.

Social Media Highlight: Olson House is not the first brand to inspire customers to post images with a personalized hashtag, but the number of responses has been very impressive. If you're looking for cozy Scandinavian inspiration, look no further than the brand's #myolsonhouse highlights!

A handmade ocean-theme cheeseboard adds some wow to their wedding day

What a genuine treat to see an Amazon listing from a hands-on artist! Plus, the description for this near-magical ocean-themed cheeseboard reads, "handmade in my Oregon Studio." In fact, the artist describes her process for creating the ocean surf scene in detail, and customers reacted with an exceptional 4.9-star rating.

One customer said, "Bought this as a gift. It arrived very quickly and is far more beautiful than it was pictured. Absolutely perfect for anyone in love with the ocean or just needs a reminder of the ocean. Beautiful!" Whereas another client gave a personal shout-out to the artist herself, saying, "the seller is amazing! I messaged them about a question I had, and they responded in an hour!"

Expert Tip: "If I'm buying multiple gifts for one couple, I try to make sure they all go with each other and tell the story of how they can be used," suggests Kaitlin Moss. She has nearly a decade of expertise in the art of hosting, so taking her guidance to heart, this cheese board would pair well with a set of cheese knives, linen guest napkins, or even some elegant spreads and jams.

Price: The Ocean Theme Wood Cutting Board is available on Amazon for $84.99.

Social Media Highlight: New to Instagram within the past year, this husband and wife team has created a beautiful web portal that transports us right into their studio, and we could not be more grateful. If you're shopping for a wedding gift for a couple that appreciates the beach, artistry, and supporting makers, you can go ahead and check this off your to-do list.

These wedding-worthy wonders are no ordinary knives

A well-made set of kitchen knives is an investment that newlyweds might shy away from, especially if wedding and honeymoon costs are top of mind. Everyone spends time in the kitchen, even if they're not aspiring chefs, so it's a much-appreciated gift that will last for years. Plus, the experts at Brides say it's okay to shy away from the couple's registry if the gift has special meaning or value to the couple. Along those lines, these handcrafted Messermeister knives are the ultimate wedding gift for foodies.

The family-run brand has its roots in Germany but is now a women-led business in California that's getting rave reviews, such as "These are the most beautiful and well-performing knife sets I have ever owned!" This hammer-forged three-piece knife set includes an 8" chef's knife, a 9" scalloped bread knife, and a 3/5" paring knife.

Expert Tip: Kaitlin Moss is the founder of The Every Hostess Blog, and she came through with enthusiastic support for quality knives being a great wedding gift. "A nice set of knives is such a treat, even if someone is not your typical cooking aficionado. While a seasoned home cook would be delighted to get a beautiful new set, even a novice will appreciate how much easier cooking can be with a sharp knife they never knew they needed!"

Price: The Oliva Elite 3 Piece Trio Set is available at Messermeister for $399.95.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's YouTube channel is a great way to introduce the newlyweds to the Messermeister brand and its four decades of master knife-making heritage. Plus, among the videos — which have a cumulative 763,900 views — there are popular videos that showcase the brand's popular adventure chef collection. You can also count the cooking experts at Food & Wine, Saveur Magazine, and Bon Appetit Magazine among the knife brand's 63,000 fans, according to the brand's Instagram feed.

Skip the cold feet and go right for the cold brew

Wait, this is an instant cold-brew coffee maker? Yup, and it has the married folks in our office asking if they can register for it even if they casually renew their vows in their pajamas. The answer is a resounding "yes!" Any romantic gesture is the perfect excuse to give the gift of cold brew goodness, which is projected to increase to $944 million in sales by 2025, according to Statista. In addition to the within-minutes timing, the cold brew carafe can be stored in the fridge for up to ten days — not that it'll last that long, of course.

This item has nearly 1,300 ratings with an overall 4.4-star status. Reviewers commonly mention that it's easy to use and clean. One person said, "Love this cold brew machine! Makes the smoothest cold brew. Everyone I serve it to has purchased it as they said it's the best coffee they have ever had. One of my best purchases ever! Money well spent."

Expert Tip: Danielle Leilani of Leilani Weddings has managed over 450 weddings and events since founding the company. And what does this expert suggest for a timeless wedding gift? "A nice coffee machine!" She says it's all about indulgence. "To me, having a good quality coffee machine to make yummy coffees at home is the ultimate luxury."

Price: The Vinci Express Cold Brew Electric Coffee Maker is available on Amazon for $79.99.

Social Media Highlight: On Vinci's YouTube channel, fans are buzzing from more than just caffeine. Videos featuring the brand's cool spinning brew method are some of its most popular, like this one, which has over 36,000 views.

Get the new couple ready for their first charcuterie soiree as husband and wife

Here's the thing — we know that people want charcuterie and cheeseboards, but frequently, the more significant expense is filling them up with goodies. So, we're jazzed that Platterful has come along to help. The happy couple will never be bored with their board if you set them up with a monthly subscription of charcuterie meats, cheese, and accompaniments — like olives, nuts, and jam.

Customer reviews have tallied up to an even 5-stars so far, with one person saying, "Platterful is the ultimate gift to friends or family. I set up my brother and sister-in-law with a 3-month set, and it was a complete hit! The selection was impeccable and was very easy to set up a scrumptious spread."

Expert Tip: Platterful subscriptions start at $59, but if you are going in on the gift with others, you can pool your money to bump that up to six months. What a special gift for the couple known for their beautiful soirees! The "gift should add up to roughly the wedding cost per head," according to wedding planner Amber Walker. "This typically can make sense when a group of people wants to get the couple something that may be expensive."

Price: A 3-Month Charcuterie Subscription is available at Platterful, starting at $169.

Social Media Highlight: Platterful just started serving up its Instagram content in August of 2021, and the brand already has over 3,000 followers. Among the brand's milestones so far, it's been featured by Life & Style as well as Style Magazine.

This versatile serving bowl is handmade, fair-trade, and won't fade

This is a big ol' bowl that also happens to have a magical aura about it. The wood grain is so pronounced and lovely, but then that crisp black decorative border ushers in a striking contrast. So much so, it begs the question — should it be filled with Jennifer Aniston's famous salad or mounds of cheesy pasta noodles? Well, these fabulous foodie decisions are up to the newlyweds, of course. Plus, if they wash it by hand, they'll cherish this bowl's beauty for years.

One of our favorite details here is that the bowl is handmade in Indonesia and offered by Ten Thousand Villages, a retailer that prioritizes fair-trade goods. The brand has worked with many artisans and craftspeople — in over 25 developing countries — for twenty years or more. Did we mention Ten Thousand Villages is a nonprofit? Yup! So, feel good filling that online cart with unique, impactful wedding gifts.

Expert Tip: Jessica Bishop has been featured as a wedding expert by Good Morning America, Glamour, and the New York Times, so we tasked her with one of our biggest questions. What are some of the most elegant and timeless wedding gifts? She came through big time, saying, "Some classic options are wine glasses or stemware, barware, fine china, flatware, serving platters, or upgraded cookware."

Price: The Gather Round Wood Serving Bowl is available at Ten Thousand Villages for $125.

Social Media Highlight: One look at Pinterest and you'll understand why the brand gets over a million monthly views. It's brimming with wedding gift inspiration from all around the globe. Not to mention, the brand's Instagram feed — which has 34,000 followers — has dedicated highlights for wedding gift ideas!

Ambiance without actual embers — these flameless candles complement any décor

Everyone loves ambiance, and it makes for a glamorous wedding gift. These tapers, however, have a little secret — they're not real. Okay, they're not imaginary, but the flickering flame itself is an illusion of sorts because it's battery-operated. Use the included remote control to turn them on and off — or just set the timer. Among the many electronic candles on the market, these are the benchmark for authentic-looking flames, which makes sense because they're from the lighting experts at

Founded by husband and wife team Sheva and David Knopfler, has over 3,800 reviews and a customer rating of 4.83 stars, and 99% of those reviewers love the brand enough to recommend it to a friend. Plus, Food52 says the candles have reached a level of all-time perfection, so put a bow on it, baby!

Expert Tip: "The opportunities are endless but despite the trends, choose a gift that makes sense for the couple and their personality." This is the most important thing to keep in mind, according to Amber Walker, a wedding planner with 10+ years of experience with the nuances of wedding etiquette.

Price: The Set of 4 Infinity Wick Taper Candles is available at, starting at $38.

Social Media Highlight: You can get a glimpse of the tapers adding some pumpkin spice vibes to an Autumn tablescape in this TikTok video. Or, join the other 45,000 followers on Instagram for an ongoing masterclass in using lighting to level up your DIY home design skills.

We found the perfect wedding gift for Mr. & Mrs. Bookworm!

Your friends are taking a break from canoodling and book worming to tie the knot — hooray! The folks at Paddywax have created the perfect wedding gift for lovers of print and prose — a library-themed candle. Options include a variety of well-known authors, like this homage to Ralph Waldo Emerson, which is hand poured and smells of cedar and wild fern.

And since we love candles almost as much as we love wordplay, we feel compelled to inform you that as an illustration of how much people love this book-themed candle, the reviewers rate it 4.6 stars. Amazon customers love it so much that they buy it on repeat. One mentioned, "This is my second purchase of this candle because I love the scent so much." Plus, they offered a helpful tip: "Leaving the candle uncapped will leave the room it's in smelling like heaven."

Expert Tip: Being a guest at a wedding can be expensive; it may involve travel, a snazzy outfit, or other expenses. So, when it comes to the gift, Honeyfund CEO Sara Margulis says to look "for something meaningful at your price point. Since a wedding gift is always at the discretion of the giver, you really can't go wrong."

Price: The Paddywax Library Collection Candles are available on Amazon, starting at $19.89.

Social Media Highlight: Paddywax has long been a media darling, with outlets such as Allure, Byrdie, and The Every Girl showing regular love for the sustainable candle company. The brand's Instagram highlights also include candle care tips for its 122,000 followers.

Newlyweds get a lot of dough in those envelopes — so give them a bread maker instead

POV: The newly married couple sleeps in, and their only alarm clock is the scent of freshly baked bread. They'll have you to thank for this perfect wake-up call since you thought ahead to buy a gift that nourishes both their bodies and their need for coziness. Better yet, this Cuisinart model is compact, so it doesn't create a kitchen appliance chaos cluster on the kitchen counter.

It has over 1,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, not to mention it inspires loyal bead bakers to use exclamation points as freely as fresh-churned butter. "This machine is phenomenal!! I am amazed at how easy it is to make a fresh, delicious loaf of bread...that is simple and healthy! The French loaf is only 4 ingredients...and it is fabulous!!"

Expert Tip: From wine glasses to bread machines, every gift should include a heartfelt card, according to gifting expert Laura Jennings. "Take the time to write a thoughtful gift message that explains why you chose to give them this particular gift ... humans are programmed to remember stories and emotions much better than things. The story you write behind the gift is what they'll truly remember."

Price: The Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker is available at Macy's for $129.95.

Social Media Highlight: Cuisinart has been around since 1978, and it's clear they're kitchen appliance experts. But it seems their flour power goes beyond bread making because the Instagram page has attracted 136,000 followers. And in a post featuring this compact bread maker, one happy customer declared, "I have this bread machine, and I love it so much!"