Director Alex Lehmann Admits The Pete Davidson Joke That Didn't Make It Into Meet Cute - Exclusive

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson's chemistry is undeniable in the new rom-com "Meet Cute." As a matter of fact, some of their characters' hilarious interactions, from conversations about time travel to many of the heartfelt moments, were improvised by the actors on the spot — something that director Alex Lehmann encourages in all of his films. "I've got a documentary background, so I love creating a more genuine moment," he explained during an exclusive interview with The List.

While initially casting for the rom-com, Lehmann knew he needed Cuoco. She was a star who was easily able to switch from comedic scenes to more dramatic ones in a matter of seconds, making her perfect for the role of Sheila.

Gary, on the other hand, was a role that Lehmann initially felt lost filling — until he came across "Saturday Night Live" alum Davidson. "When we met with Pete, it was like the light bulb went off, because he's so lovable and funny, and he reminds you to be more childlike," Lehmann said. "He's somebody that can take the weight off your world by making a joke and being silly."

If Davidson is in a movie, chances are, we're in for a good laugh. Even Lehmann frequently found himself entertained by the hilarious actor on set. There was one improvisatory joke in particular that Davidson made that Lehmann will never forget — even though it didn't make it into the final cut of "Meet Cute."

Pete Davidson made a lot of jokes about the movie Jaws

When it came to cracking jokes on set, Pete Davidson referenced the film "Jaws" in a lot of scenes. "It was not useful to our film at all," director Alex Lehmann laughed to The List. "But he had the crew in stitches, and he had Kaley [Cuoco] in stitches."

During the moments when "Meet Cute" hits a more serious note, Davidson seemed to always be there to reset the mood to silly. "That came in handy at times where we were doing so much repeating day stuff, that all of a sudden he would go on this tangent," Lehmann said.

Many of these hilarious moments were caught on camera, but none of them made it into the film viewers get to watch on Peacock today. "We got to cut the cameras, because we got to save some digital media for the actual movie," Lehmann said. Yet even after they stopped filming, Lehmann would never call "cut." He explained that Davidson's riffing was a welcome break on set. "Let's all relax for five minutes, breathe in a little Pete Davidson humor, and then get back to it," he told us.

"Meet Cute" is available to stream now exclusively on Peacock.