How To Pull Off A Dual-Bedroom Nursery

If you're preparing your home for the arrival of a new baby, then you've likely been putting some thought into your little one's new room. Whereas some caretakers delegate a separate space for the nursery, many new parents also choose to incorporate their nursery into their primary suite.

There are many reasons why parents may choose to keep new babies in their room, ranging from room availability and cost-effectiveness to caretaking convenience and potential health benefits (per Salty Canary). Even if you have the room for a separate nursery, you may prefer that your baby is close at hand during their early months.

As mentioned on Harvard Health Publishing, some studies suggest that sharing a room with newborns can help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) generally recommends that young babies sleep in the same room as their caretakers.

No matter your motivation, a dual-bedroom nursery is totally doable.

Use your bedroom space wisely

The first tip for pulling off a dual-bedroom nursery is using the space of your primary suite wisely. While you might be tempted to jump into the design aspects of your nursery first, it's still important that your space is functional for both you and your baby.

To start, Nursery Design Studio mentions decluttering your space and temporarily moving out excess furniture as preparatory steps for nursery design.

Then, you can start to visualize and plan where you'll incorporate your nursery into your room. One arrangement method is selecting a corner to create a nursery nook in, per Salty Canary. Not only will a designated corner look really cute when decorated with baby items, but it also carves out specific space for your child's things.

Depending on available storage space, you could also transform your closet into another type of nursery nook, removing the doors to fit in your baby's crib and storage items.

Space-saving furniture is also vital in fitting a nursery into your primary bedroom. Mommy Hooding mentions a crib with an attached changing station and a rolling utility cart to store and access baby necessities, but there are also options like mini-cribs if you're short on space.

Choose nursery decor that works with your bedroom

Another method for easily pulling off a dual-bedroom nursery is making the space an extension of your already established room design. While picking a niche theme like a Disney nursery or a circus nursery to go all-out with can be fun, it isn't always practical or desired when working in a shared space. Keeping your existing design style and incorporating whimsical and juvenile elements for your baby's space is a great way to pull off this nursery set-up (per Nursery Design Studio).

If you're transforming closet space, you can also use design choices like wallpaper to make the smaller space more lively and kid-friendly (per Lonny). Salty Canary also mentions baby-friendly art and posters and hanging mobiles as decor items that round out a baby's space and are easily integrated into a caretaker's room.

Your specific design touches will vary depending on your existing aesthetic, so when it comes to decor, go with what you like and what you think will make your child's new area fun and welcoming for them.