How The Bold And The Beautiful Stars Really Feel About Donna And Eric's Latest Romance

When John McCook hinted to his Instagram followers back in September 2021 that his character Eric Forrester would be getting back together again with his ex-wife Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans certainly had a lot to say about it. Some of McCook's social media followers commented on his post with, "You couldn't do better! Get rid of Quinn! Donna is your soulmate!" along with, "Yes, I think when Donna gets with Eric he'll realize he doesn't really have a 'problem' after all!"

Well, fast-forward to the present time and it looks like Eric has gotten his wish as both he and Donna are positioned to be "The Bold and the Beautiful"'s new power couple now that Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) is no longer on the show. With that said though, a lot of viewers can't help but wonder if Eric and Donna's relationship is built to last this time around. After all, their marriage the first time around was of the scandalous kind when Eric divorced Stephanie Forrester in order to be with Donna, according to Soaps in Depth

Even though Eric and Donna were caught in bed together by Eric's now ex-wife Quinn, it looks like their relationship actually has a fighting chance. At least, that's what their on-screen portrayers believe. 

Will Eric and Donna's relationship go the distance this time around?

In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, both Jennifer Gareis and John McCook are hopeful that Eric and Donna's love will last longer than just a seasonal storyline. While McCook admitted to the publication that there wasn't much that he could tease as spoilers were concerned, he did say, "I can say it's nice having Eric and Donna spending time back in the same house together with the family. We just want to make sure we don't redo anything, and I also would like to have them take a step forward in their relationship, whatever that may be, so we'll see what that is."

Gareis, meanwhile, also added that Donna really does want more than just a physical relationship with Eric. That's because she wants commitment. The actor said, "She has already said that Eric is the love of her life and even though she was not a fan of Quinn, she did not want to sabotage their marriage. She stepped back because all she wanted was for Eric to be happy." However, McCook previously told Soap Opera Digest that he felt Stephanie was actually the love of his live. "[Stephanie] deserves a lot of credit and I don't think that will ever change, no matter how much he feels he's in love with Quinn or Donna or anybody else," McCook shared. 

Currently, though, Eric has feelings for Donna, so does this mean that fans might be seeing another "The Bold and the Beautiful" wedding in the future? Watch this space.