General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn Hilariously Sums Up Alexis' Life After 26 Years In Port Charles

If there's anything that fans have learned about "General Hospital" star Nancy Lee Grahn over the years, it's that she is certainly outspoken, especially when it comes to her personal views. A day doesn't go by that she doesn't share her musings on social media. If she's not encouraging her social media followers to get out there and vote, she's reminiscing about the good old 'Sexis' days when her character Alexis Davis was still hung up on Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). She even said, "Love off @MauriceBenard? It may be the only time the chance of you procreating would be nil."

When Grahn is not flashing back to her time on iconic Sci-Fi series, there's a good chance that she is reminiscing about her beginnings and what had brought her to "General Hospital" to begin with. But luckily for her fans, Grahn is also writing a new book, as detailed by Soap Central. Just recently Grahn shared an excerpt from her book in which she hilariously sums up her character's life after 26 years in Port Charles. 

Nancy Lee Grahn describes Alexis in a nutshell

Nancy Lee Grahn took to her Facebook account to share what sounds like the first chapter of her upcoming book. She started things off by writing rather bluntly, "I am a public defender, prosecutor, personnel injury, civil, malpractice, tax and family attorney. I am the bastard child of Mikos Cassadine who died after being thrown into his own weather machine which he designed to freeze the world. My mother, Kristen Bergman was a famous opera singer whose throat was slit by my father's wife, Helena."

Grahn then went on to describe, in detail, all of the horrible things that Alexis has gone through over the ears. She also talked about how Alexis got "pregnant with my daughter's father's brother and recovered beautifully from a C section with a butter knife and no anesthetic," and how she managed to "practice fake law in Port Charles, meet the love of my life, had incredible sex that raised ratings, got married, and two days later he tried to slit my throat with the same dagger that was used to slit my mother's throat."

Many of her followers commented on her excerpt with sentiments like, "Thank you for the perfect 26-year-recap. I would simply add a line about dropping said long-lost sister's ashes at the feet of the mobster who killed her while wearing a fierce red dress." If this is only the first chapter, we can't wait to get our hands on the rest of the book!