How Libra Season Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

If you've been feeling called to create peace and balance in your life recently, chances are you're experiencing the impacts of Libra season. Per Women's Health, starting on September 23 and ending October 22, people with a Libra zodiac sign get their time to shine and be celebrated — and others will certainly feel the residual energy of the season. While pesky Mercury continues to be in retrograde until October 2 according to CNN, all of the sun signs will still feel their different results of the Libra energy at this time. If you're a Taurus, your earthy roots will lead you to focus on some interesting aspects of your sign.

Known for their love for beauty, balance, and all things harmonious (via the Times of India), Libras influence the beginning of the fall season by encouraging every sign to take a look at the presence — or lack thereof — of peace in their lives. You may find yourself reevaluating your work-life balance, the stability of your relationships, or even the feng shui inside your home. Earth signs like Taurus know how to stay grounded in other ways, but how does Libra season impact you if you're a Taurus?

Libra season calls the sign to take a look inward

One of the most "sensual" signs, per Allure, Tauruses love to indulge in creature comforts and luxurious lifestyles of ease. This tends to make them connoisseurs of self-care and how to live a life of leisure. Represented by the symbolic bull, Taurus is a sign that is often seen as dependable and trustworthy, making them excellent friends and partners. While those traits can easily help Tauruses build strong and healthy relationships, this Libra season will also encourage them to focus on the most important relationship they have — the relationship with themselves (via Lifestyle Asia).

According to the outlet, these self-care extraordinaires should take extra steps to show themselves some love this Libra season, and make it unconditional. Taking time for yourself is not selfish, so if you're a Taurus, use this season as inspiration to further the relationship you have with yourself and "fully step into your heart." The outlet explains that doing so can "bring your yin and yang into balance," which is what Libras are all about.

Career luck may be ahead

Another one of the characteristics of the Taurus zodiac sign, according to Allure, is their work ethic. The bulls are extremely hard workers, and aren't afraid to go into overdrive to make things happen and get the job done. This could be a result of their strong and earthy energy, makes them excellent employees, and often brings them success in their careers... which will only be amplified during Libra season, per PopSugar.

According to the outlet, just as Mercury is in retrograde during this particular Libra season, Jupiter will be as well. Associated with luck and abundance (via PopSugar), Jupiter opposed the sun on September 26 — bringing extremely powerful, positive impacts on Taurus' career and self-image. This, in combination with the dedication and intensive effort you've no doubt been putting in at work lately (via Cosmopolitan), will serve you well in your future career aspirations and successes. As the outlet reminds you, though, just remember that teamwork makes the dream work, so utilize the connections you've built with your coworkers to crush your goals together.