DOOL's Josh Taylor Reveals Whether Kate Would Have Loved Chris Kositchek The Way She Loves Roman

"Days of Our Lives" fans know actor Josh Taylor as Roman Brady. The character is the oldest of the Brady siblings and a former police officer turned Brady Pub manager. When the character was first introduced to fans, actor Wayne Northrop held the role. Roman met Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) when he was assigned to protect her from a serial killer called the Salem Strangler (via Soap Hub). The couple began to develop feelings for each other and eventually fell head over heels in love. Roman and Marlena later welcomed twins, Sami and Eric, and lived happily until Roman was presumed dead.

Marlena later fell in love with John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and when Roman returned to Salem she was stunned, per Soaps in Depth. Fans were also shocked as Northrop no longer held the role. Instead, actor Josh Taylor portrayed the character of Roman. While recasts are very common in the world of soap operas, this recast was particularly interesting as Taylor had held another "Days of Our Lives" role before becoming Roman.

Just years before stepping into Roman's shoes, Taylor had played a fan-favorite character named Chris Kositchek. Now, Taylor is opening up about his former character, and what Roman's current love interest, Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), would think about Chris.

Josh Taylor remembers his first Days of Our Lives role

This week, "Days of Our Lives" shared a fun-filled and adorable video featuring Josh Taylor and his co-star Lauren Koslow as they interviewed each other. The clip, which was shared to the official "Days of Our Lives" YouTube account, had the actors asking each other questions about their characters and behind-the-scenes process. During the sit-down, Koslow mentioned that Taylor first joined the soap opera as Chris Kositchek in 1977. Taylor revealed how much love he had for that character and how much his life changed because of the role. Koslow then asked Taylor if Kate Roberts would have liked Chris, as she's fallen in love with Taylor's current character, Roman Brady, multiple times throughout the years. "Oh yeah. Kate would have liked Chris a lot," Taylor replied.

For fans who don't remember the character of Chris, he arrived in Salem in the late 1970s and was beloved by many in the fictional midwestern town. Chris was known as a ladies' man but never found himself to be lucky in love (via Soap Hub). He also owned two successful businesses, including a health club called The Body Connection. He was also the brother of the Salem Strangler, Jake Kositchek.

Although Chris hasn't been seen in Salem since 1987, the character was resurrected by Taylor during Season 2 of "Beyond Salem," (via Soaps) where he was revealed to be living happily in San Francisco.