Queen Elizabeth's Official Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

Often, when a famous person passes away, one of the most highly anticipated bits of news released to the public is the official cause of death, as well as other information usually revealed by a death certificate. However, after the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the first priorities were to honor her in a traditional, formal fashion, and to ensure that her family and her people were able to take part in the official period of mourning with as much dignity and grace as possible. 

After Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 at her beloved Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the United Kingdom's official ten-day mourning period began (via People). During this time, multiple carefully-choreographed ceremonies took place, the last of which being the internationally-televised funeral, which concluded with a private burial service. The Queen was buried beside her late husband, Prince Phillip, at King George VI Memorial Chapel. After the burial, while the national mourning period came to an end, the royal family's mourning period lasted another full week. 

Now that the official royal mourning period has ended, however, details of The Queen's passing that had not yet been released to the public have been revealed, including her death certificate, which lists, among other things, her official cause of death.

The official cause of death

While the public was quickly informed of the place and date of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, those were all the details that were released at the time. And though it was public knowledge that The Queen was in ill health, her death was still shocking to many, as she had been the longest reigning monarch in British history. 

Now, however, official documents released by The Registrar General and shared on Twitter show that Queen Elizabeth II's official cause of death is listed as "old age." Her official time of death is listed as having taken place at 3:10 pm on the afternoon of September 8. And the person listed as the official informant was the daughter of the late Queen, Anne, the Princess Royal. 

It is worth noting that it was the Princess Royal who was with her mother's casket throughout the ten days of national mourning, and throughout each ceremony and procession (via Insider). From the place where she passed away, Balmoral Castle, to where she was laid to rest at King George VI Memorial Chapel, Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was accompanied by her beloved daughter Anne. It was her responsibility to ensure her mother was transported safely, successfully, and with all due honors and respect, from Scotland to London for the funeral procession and other ceremonies. 

Reaction to the news

In response to this detailed information about Queen Elizabeth II's death being made public, countless people weighed in with their thoughts via social media. Many took notice of the fact that just as Anne, Princess Royal, was beside her mother's coffin throughout the ceremonies, she had also been by her mother's side in her last moments. One Twitter user said, "Princess Anne always by her mum's side and I admire her for that."

Some people on Twitter pointed out how remarkable it was to see a copy of The Queen's death certificate, and noted how amazing it seemed that beside the category titled "Occupation," the job listed was simply, "Her Majesty The Queen." Meanwhile, many expressed surprise that the death certificate of The Queen would ever be released to the public at all.

But still more comments below the image of the death certificate are people continuing to send their well wishes for peace to the late Queen, saying things like, "God bless her, that's how we all want to go isn't it, RIP your majesty."