Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry's Ultimate Objective For His Memoir Isn't What You Think - Exclusive

The royal family is nervous about Prince Harry's memoir. A royal insider told Us Weekly, "The royal family is shaken up about the book." The palace source claimed King Charles III and William, Prince of Wales are "particularly concerned about what Harry will reveal." Recent reports claim King Charles isn't looking to make nice with Harry anytime soon.

According to OK!, the king is waiting for Harry's book to make big decisions about the family. Royal expert Katie Nicholl told the outlet, "Now that Charles is king, Harry and Meghan's children automatically become Prince Archie of Sussex and Princess Lilibet of Sussex." But Nicholl added, "According to a source close to the king, it depends a lot on what happens in the coming months, particularly with Harry's book and their TV show."

In other words, it appears a lot is riding on the memoir. Harry, Duke of Sussex, still has issues with his brother Prince William. Harry and William's feud started way earlier than we all thought, but it looks like it won't end any time soon. But one royal expert told The List that Harry's ultimate objective for his memoir isn't what everyone thinks.

Expert says Prince Harry wants memoir to position him as a leader

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, founder of To Di For Daily, talked to The List exclusively about Prince Harry's memoir. Schofield explained,"I've always been under the impression that Prince Harry's book would consist of a story about a man that lost his mother and how he overcame that trauma." But the royal expert believes the Duke of Sussex didn't write a tell-all. Schofield said, "I think Harry's ultimate objective is to be seen as a thought leader in the United States. Perhaps become a high profile speaker and mentioned in the same sentences as President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg when corporations debate who to bring on for their luxury retreats or conferences."

There are media reports that the book will blast the royal family, and Harry will reveal his true feelings toward Camilla Parker Bowles in his memoir. But the To Di For Daily author takes a different view. "I've never thought that Harry would use the book as an opportunity to tear down his family because his children will benefit from the association and success of the royal family," Schofield told The List. Page Six reported that the prince's memoir is moved back to 2023, but there's been no confirmation from the duke. According to Schofield, there are rumors that the memoir's first draft was "touchy-feely and mental health-focused," and the publisher wanted "juicer" content. Stay tuned.