Expert Says Meghan Markle May Have Missed A Key Difference Between Celebrity And Royal Life

Meghan Markle did not adjust easily to royal life by anyone's estimation — even her own. As the Duchess of Sussex told The Cut in August, "I was an actress. My entire job was 'Tell me where to stand. Tell me what to say. Tell me how to say it. Tell me what to wear, and I'll do it.'" 

Meanwhile, Meghan's Cut interview was widely perceived as a disaster, with the duchess likening her marriage to Prince Harry to Nelson Mandela being freed from prison, prompting a harsh rebuttal from his grandson.

Now, Fox News royal contributor Duncan Larcombe is opining that Meghan was never really able to separate her past as a Hollywood star from her new life as a royal. Remember, she gave up acting just prior to marrying Prince Harry in April of 2018, saying she really just viewed the move away from the small screen as a "change" (via People).

From Larcombe's point of view, the Duke of Sussex did not prepare his new bride for what royal life would entail. In fact, he feels the former actress was fed to the wolves, having endured a very different introduction to the world stage than her rumored nemesis, Kate Middleton, who incidentally, reportedly didn't speak to Meghan the entire time she was in the U.K. for the Queen's funeral.

Meghan Markle never really left acting behind

According to Fox News royal contributor Duncan Larcombe, the new Princess of Wales had "had years to adjust to the attention" that came along with royal life. Remember, Kate Middleton started dating Prince William back in 2001 (via Us Weekly). They would go on to wed ten years later.

With Meghan Markle, she and Prince Harry went on their first date in 2016 and said "I do" just two years after that (via Vanity Fair). 

"I think Meghan basically didn't ever get straight in her mind the difference between being on the red carpet as a celebrity and the red carpet as a royal, and she just didn't understand the incredibly important distinction," Larcombe said, going on to note that as a royal, you essentially represent the monarch, not yourself, and you are appearing out of a sense of duty.

"When you're in a movie premiere, it's because you're in the film, or you're a Hollywood actor, or you're a celebrity on the red carpet. It's about you," he continued. 

Ultimately, however, Meghan's failure to grasp the difference between London and Hollywood may not have been due to any fault on the Duchess of Sussex's part, as the royal expert believes she wasn't given a lot of guidance.