Everything You Need To Know About Paris Hilton's Beauty Brand, ProD.N.A.

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Paris Hilton has a skincare line? That's hot. The socialite made a nation obsessed with "The Simple Life" — her reality show with Nicole Richie — and a trademark catchphrase she owns and still uses today. The daughter of Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards Hilton, she's one of the heirs to the Hilton hotel fortune, according to Biography.

In her career, she's been a reality TV star, an actress, an author, a model, a nightclub owner, a singer, fashion collaborator, and an online cooking-show chef (via Biography). She's also had a very successful career in the perfume world, with Fragrantica noting Hilton created her first fragrance in 2004. Besides her signature scents, long blonde hair, and long legs, Hilton is also known for her glowing complexion. "I've never had a surgery done — I've never had Botox. I've never had anything done in my life, and I think it has a lot to do with taking care of my skin, staying out of the sun, and being educated at a young age," she shared with InStyle.

Paris Hilton created the skincare line Paris Hilton ProD.N.A.

What does a socialite and proven beauty entrepreneur do when she wants to up her skincare game? If you're Paris Hilton, you create your own skincare line, Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. "I have been obsessed with finding the best products on the market to help me look and feel young," Hilton explained via Markets Insider. "[A]fter years of searching I decided to create a line that can offer the absolute best results."

In a press release shared with Allure, ProD.N.A. explained Hilton met with "world-renowned chemists" to come up with the products in the line. "I really wanted to create a skincare line that works," Hilton told Sunrise "We created ProD.N.A. so it's basically the fountain of youth. It makes your skin glow, it renews your cells, and everybody who uses it loves it."

There are six products in the Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. skincare line: Dual Action Cleansing Gel, Face & Décolletage Cream, Advanced Recovery Serum, Lift and Firm Eye Cream, Unicorn Mist, and Gold Peel-Off Mask.

How Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. comes together

With a team of scientists working to help Paris Hilton create the ProD.N.A. line, they came up with GenoMatrix, "a revolutionary formulation of powerful enzymes derived from marine microalgae and a complex of natural active ingredients," reports Paris HIlton ProD.N.A.. This is the base for all the products in the skincare line. "This proprietary concentration penetrates deep within the layers of skin to support the body's natural DNA maintenance to counteract the effects of aging from the inside out."

The ingredients that make up GenoMatrix, as well as additional active elements, are imported from around the globe, including Spain, Italy, and France. "Everything is brought to our Los Angeles lab where it is formulated, bottled and shipped out," states Paris Hilton ProD.N.A.

The packaging of the products is also innovative, with the Paris Hilton Skincare Twitter page noting, "Our unique containers use suction to extract the formulation, so that oxygen cannot permeate the packaging." They explain the process helps eliminate the need for excess preservatives in the ingredients list as well.

Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. Advanced Recovery Serum and Lift and Firm Eye Cream

Paris Hilton shared her nighttime skincare routine with Harper's Bazaar, revealing she has up to 12 different steps to make her complexion glow, including several using Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. products. "It's so important to always keep your skin hydrated," Hilton noted. "If I was stuck on a deserted island, these are the two products that I could not live without." Hilton was referring to her Lift and Firm Eye Cream and Advanced Recovery Serum.

For the area around her eyes, she relies on ProD.N.A. Lift and Firm Eye Cream. "I love this eye cream because it immediately de-puffs," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I wanted to develop something that ... makes it look like Photoshop looks." The Paris Hilton Skincare store on Amazon states the product also minimizes dark circles and helps reduce wrinkles.

Hilton's anti-aging treatment comes in the form of the Advanced Recovery Serum. "This is my secret weapon," she shared with Harper's Bazaar. "I worked with scientists to create this product and it's from microalgae from the sea. ... What's amazing about this formula is that it repairs your DNA cells and it also illuminates your skin and it makes it youthful, tightens it, and basically just makes your skin glow."

ProD.N.A. Dual Action Cleansing Gel, Face & Décolletage Cream, and Gold Peel-Off Mask

When she wants clean skin, Paris Hilton uses the ProD.N.A. Dual Action Cleansing Gel. "This is my favorite cleanser," she revealed to Harper's Bazaar. "I love the consistency, and it has ... diamond dust and caviar. ... It always feels great, after a long day of shooting, to just get all your makeup off, and this cleanser works so well, you don't even have to use that much."

The ProD.N.A. Face & Décolletage Cream also has a place in Paris' personal skincare routine. "I love this moisturizer; the scent of it is amazing. It's really moisturizing. It's quick absorbing. Basically, it feels very clean and fresh."

Paris' sister, Nicky Hilton, is a big fan of the ProD.N.A. Gold Peel-Off Mask. "It's one of my favorite masks," she confessed in a beauty video with Marie Claire. "I know you're probably thinking, 'Oh, she's probably using it because it's her sister,' but I swear it is so good. It's gold, first of all, and it goes on so cold and cool. It's full of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid." After taking off the mask, she admitted, "My skin feels very glowy, light, refreshed."

Using Paris Hilton ProD.N.A.

Paris and Nicky Hilton are fans of the line, but they aren't the only ones. A review posted in New York Style Guide shares, "We have been using the Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. Skincare products ... and highly recommend them for their effectiveness at improving your skin, the quality of the ingredients, they are cruelty free and the products look to minimize future damage to your skin."

And while there are only six products in the Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. line, the brand notes you don't have to use all of them in your skincare routine to get that Paris Hilton glow: "Our formulas work most effectively when used together, but they can also operate on their own when used in conjunction with other skincare products." In the UK, you can purchase products directly from the line's website, and in the U.S., products are available through the Paris Hilton Skincare store on Amazon and via HSN.

As for Paris Hilton, there's most likely another fragrance on the horizon and perhaps additional beauty products. In an interview with InStyle, she shared, "Success is something that really fulfills me and makes me happy. I feel proud of myself. I work with amazing people to come up with products that really work."