Lauren Boebert's Reason For Running For Congress Is Raising Eyebrows

Lauren Boebert's life is a genuine rags-to-riches story. The daughter of a teen single mom, Boebert herself became pregnant in high school and dropped out in order to work at McDonald's to support her family (via Durango Herald). As her website explains, she "[realized] she could provide better for herself than the government ever could." She went on to a career in the gas industry, and she went on to marry and have three more children. Boebert and her husband at one time owned a restaurant called Shooters Grill, unique for its proud open-carry gun policy. 

In 2020, despite having had no political experience, the Colorado mom ran for a seat in the state's third Congressional district. Boebert said in a statement (via Colorado Public Radio), "Colorado deserves a fighter who will stand up for freedom, who believes in America and who is willing to take on all the left-wing lunatics who are trying so hard to ruin our country. We are in a battle for the heart and soul of our country." Sure enough, she won the seat that November, and now Boebert's net worth might surprise you: her $1.7 million bank account is just a wee bit better than a McDonald's paycheck. 

Now, Rep. Boebert is back on the campaign trail, hoping to be voted into another term. She's already off to a good start, having won the Republican primary in June (per People). But a comment she made during a recent rally is drawing criticism.

Lauren Boebert believes God is using her to convert unbelievers

Like her fellow Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (who was famously banned from Twitter over her controversial views), Rep. Lauren Boebert is an unapologetic "Christian nationalist" who believes America should be guided by a specific set of religious beliefs. At one event, Boebert came right out and said, "I'm tired of this separation of church and state junk that's not in the Constitution" (via The Washington Post).

Boebert has been appearing frequently at conservative conventions this year to gain traction in her second run for office. At one such event, Boebert announced that she had been called to run for office by a higher power. In a clip tweeted here, she boasted of having won her first primary against all odds. "God told me it would be a sign and a wonder to the unbeliever" to defeat a five-term incumbent, Boebert said — suggesting that her unlikely win might turn non-Christians to her religion.

Twitter wasn't convinced. Among the many comments on the clip was this one from a former Republican: "It backfired with me. Boebert's 'Christianity' has made me renounce any religious affiliation." Another commenter said, "Well, God told me he's never had any conversations with her and that she made this all up." A third lamented: "God, Family, and Country. Years ago these were all things to be admired and loved. Now they come with a label: Warning. This is a GOP tell."