Is This The Real Reason Twitter Permanently Banned Marjorie Taylor Greene?

The Republican party in the U.S. has been struggling to stay rooted since losing the 2020 presidential election. Among the most vocal among Republicans — and farthest right on the spectrum — is Marjorie Taylor Greene, the congresswoman representing Georgia's 14th district (via

Greene's vocality endlessly stirs up debates online, especially on Twitter. Her social media posts then get her involved in other scenarios such as some wondering what could happen to Trump if Republicans take back the House and even Donald Trump Jr.'s opinions on Mitt Romney, the latter of whom has been suspect of Greene, per The Independent.

Somehow, Greene has her hands in every conservative pot in Washington, but her proclamations on Twitter have now landed her in hot water. On Sunday, January 2, Twitter permanently banned Greene's account, per The New York Times, citing the spreading of misinformation about Covid-19, but the real reason this action was taken could be entirely different.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a 'National Divorce' from Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter ban evokes early 2021, when then-president Donald Trump received the same recourse after the January 6 riots at the Capitol building. Twitter declared Trump's ban was "due to the risk of further incitement of violence." Nearly exactly a year later, matters haven't changed. In fact, Trump asked a judge to reinstate his Twitter account in October 2021, and his request was denied (via The Washington Post).

Greene has been vocally suspect of Covid-19 throughout the pandemic's entirety, including cursing masks and questioning vaccines, per the New York Times. While Twitter cited Covid misinformation as her reason for her account being deleted — her professional Congress account remains live — TMZ believes this may have been a stealthy takedown to the congresswoman potentially trying to ignite another insurrection.

The tweet that Twitter apparently responded to was one in which Greene said that the U.S. government is not taking vaccine-related deaths as seriously as before the pandemic, but TMZ notes that just before this she was promoting a "National Divorce scenario" in which she wants to see conservatives take action to grab power back from the Democrats. She further critiqued people who moved out of New York and California during the pandemic, saying that their voting rights should be infringed upon after moving into red states like Texas.

With these tweets coming just before her Covid-19 tweets, it's possible that these were at least additional motives to terminate her account even if they weren't the sole reason.