Ethan Plath Is Getting Mixed Reactions For Blatantly Shading Kim

There's no recipe better for must-see reality television than family conflict, and TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" definitely delivers. The first season in 2019 focused on the marriage of Kim and Barry Plath, who raised their nine children in rural Georgia. Their kids were not only homeschooled, but were so sheltered that they had never watched TV or tried soda. As the kids continued to grow up on-screen, they began to rebel against their parents. By Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville," Kim and Barry announced their intention to divorce, and the strained relationship between Kim and Olivia — the wife of Kim and Barry's oldest son Ethan — continued to be a large part of the plot as it has since the beginning.

Season 4 also saw Ethan confronting his mother about how he was raised, including being homeschooled, telling her she was "extremely relaxed in the amount of effort [she] put into schooling kids," and he noted how he'd felt behind in academics compared to others his age since he was 13, as seen on YouTube. This is something he has not gotten over if a recent Instagram post shading Kim about homeschooling is any indication, and people have thoughts.

Some think Ethan Plath went too far by seemingly making fun of his mom

On Instagram, Ethan Plath reposted a meme of his mother Kim Plath with the caption, "Hey Kim how's homeschool going?" Kim's response in the meme is indicated by pictures of her in a kayak paddling away from the shore. Ethan's caption of the post read, "The Internet is something else yet sometimes accurate," along with the crying, laughing emoji.

Some laughed along with Ethan. One wrote, "Omg this is hilarious. Ethan, glad you can have a sense of humor after all you've been through." Another said, "I nearly died from laughter when I saw who posted it!"

Others were perhaps impressed and startled by the not so subtle shade Ethan was throwing. "Woahhh savage" wrote one. One person tagged Olivia Plath and wrote, "Girly you got your man mad at his momma again?"

On the flip side, some commenters thought Ethan was in the wrong. "Keep in mind you will be a parent at some point too...." wrote one. Someone else commented, "It's your mother — you'll regret this post one day. Not nice. Can't wait to see what a perfect parent you'll be." And one person was an Ethan fan overall, but not the post, writing, "You are the best thing on that show. However, [d]on't publicly embarrass your mom. That's not cool."