Donald Trump Jr.'s Idea For Hurricane Ian Aid Has Twitter Divided

In August, it was announced that the United States was sending Ukraine nearly $3 billion in aid as the nation fights against Russia post-invasion (via Now, with Florida facing the costliest damage from a hurricane in history, with at least one estimate putting the budget to rebuild what was lost at $28 billion, a tweet shared by the always-divisive former first son is spurring many strong reactions online (via CNN).

Taking to Twitter Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. commented, "How about we get every single Floridian back into their homes and back to normal before we send one more cent to the Ukraine?"

Predictably, the conservative's tweet was quickly met with both support and condemnation.

"I think most of us conservatives (I know I am) are coming from a place of, we have our own problems here in America that we should be taking care of and we aren't," one person who agreed with Trump tweeted.

Of course, many other opinions followed.

Donald Trump Jr. knows how to stir up strong feelings

Whenever Donald Trump Jr. tweets, well, anything, his words typically create infighting online. Case in point: The former adviser to the POTUS recently defended his dad after the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, which didn't sit well with plenty of folks. His meme about his mother-in-law Melania's underwear didn't go over particularly well either.

But following his take on sending aid to Ukraine versus spending money to rebuild the devastation here at home, some people were shaking their heads in agreement. "Putting America first? What a wild concept," one supporter commented.

Still, many concerned voices joined the conversation. For instance, one person wondered why it had to be an "either or" situation. Someone else was upset with Trump's diction more than anything else, tweeting, "Why do people call it 'the Ukraine' though, it's Ukraine. You don't call it 'The Florida.'"

Finally, many Twitter users were of the opinion that the family was siding with Russia by Trump sharing his strategy for deciding where to send resources.