22 Products For Living Your Best Pumpkin Spice Latte-Inspired Life

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A season with its own cult-like following? Yes, honey; it's the bestest season of all — autumn! If the annual arrival of Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte is your favorite holiday, then consider this collection of fall favorites our gift to you. We have to admit, we can't help but contribute to the over 100 million pumpkin spice latte content views on TikTok.

The recipe for living your best pumpkin spice-inspired life is all about embracing that crisp fall air while morphing yourself into a human burrito of all things cozy. Snuggly sweaters? Yes. Warm, cinnamon-dashed beverages? Of course, but let's not forget curling up next to the fireplace, apple-picking, or weekends dedicated to baking pumpkin muffins! 

So, it's time to hunker down and make that pumpkin spice mood board a reality!

How we selected products

Although we fancy ourselves quite the PSL experts, we concede that there are, in fact, others who are more qualified. So, we used a multi-step process for this story. First, we researched the pumpkin spice market itself, which is booming, according to Yahoo and Nielson. For example, in 2019, pumpkin-flavored foods wracked up $511 million in sales, and Nielson reports that "From cosmetics to marinades to oral hygiene, the presence of the distinct orange squash pops up just about everywhere."

Knowing the market agrees with our love of all things pumpkin, we brought in experts to speak about the many ways PSL inspires our best autumn lives. Esther Parkhurst, Sr. Director of Product Design & Trends at Lowe's, said that consumers are "continuing to take on projects that help them enjoy their homes more" and looking for more ways to incorporate fall vibes in their day-to-day lives.

To create a deep panel of experts, we also teamed up with Dr. Abhinav Singh, MD, FAASM, the Medical Director of the Indiana Sleep Center and Medical Review Expert at the Sleep Foundation. He's joined by Boston-based psychotherapist Angela Ficken, LICSW, and professional organizer Christina Giaquinto, brand ambassador of Modular Closets. Additionally, Megan Hersch, interior designer and roomLift's co-founder, adds her expertise in how the seasons influence us — and our living spaces. Finally, ushering in some fall-specific know-how, three experts bring expertise in things like tea and seasonal scent. Nadia De La Vega is the Director of Tea Content and Sustainability at DAVIDsTEA, Kristen Pumphrey is co-owner of California-based fragrance brand P.F. Candle Co., and Natalia Lebedev works as Chief Fragrance Officer at skincare brand Native.

Rounding out the panel of experts, we teamed up with four fashion-focused experts who you'll meet below!

Woolen clogs are classic cozy

The folks at Stegmann have been making sustainable footwear for a (wooly) mammoth chunk of time — 130 years! The brand's sustainability efforts even include a Species Preservation Initiative devoted to rare breeds of sheep and supporting small farms. The clogs are bonkers comfy and look utterly amazing with just about everything. Plus, loyal customers rave about the value. "Just bought new Stegmann [clogs] as mine were showing their many, many years of wear," one reviewer wrote. "They were heaven on my feet, just as I remember."

Expert Tip: In preparation for the story, we touched base with Natalia Lebedev, the Chief Fragrance Officer at Native. She hit the nail, saying people are "drawn to exploring the great outdoors and hearing the crunch of the leaves underneath [their] feet." We couldn't agree more, and the feathery-felt comfort of these clogs is perfect for autumn outings.

Price: The EcoWool Clog is available at Stegmann for $150.

Social Media Highlight: If you're on social media — and who isn't? — then you're well aware of the frequency of clog-trend posts. But it's still impressive that the clog trend of 2022 has pushed TikTok views to nearly 80 million!

The air is crisp but your towels are oh-so warm!

What the what? We can buy an at-home version of the fancy AF towel warmers we adore at hotels! This warming wonder has earned 4.5 stars and 2,356 ratings on Amazon, which makes it the #1 product in towel warmers. One super fan raves, "Since I have gotten this towel warmer, I have recommended it to almost every person in my family. I LOVE IT!! So worth it!!"

Expert Tip: MaryKathryn McArthur is the Lead Stylist at Short Story, and we love her description of fall. "Our relationship with fall feels like reuniting with a dear friend, finding those extra special autumnal pieces that bring a sense of warmth and comfort." First of all, preach! And also, we want every shower to end with that extra snuggly feeling.

Price: The Keenray Towel Warmer Bucket is available on Amazon, starting at $124.99.

Social Media Highlight: Although Keenray is new to the Instagram scene, we love that this towel warmer is a frequent feature. Plus, we learned that the company sells aroma therapy discs to add to the warmer. Currently, it's just ocean scent, but who knows — maybe they'll add pumpkin spice scent next year?

This dreamy cardigan is hand-knit in Nepal

Family heirlooms have to start somewhere. Someone in the family buys, finds, or acquires something extraordinary. This sweater is an heirloom in waiting with its chunky weave and embroidery that'll make you weak in the knees. Plus, it's handmade in Nepal and comes in three colors.

According to Legacy, the most common heirlooms include vintage clothing and embroidery. So tell your future great-grandkids we say "you're welcome."

Expert Tip: Angela Ficken, LICSW, formerly associated with Harvard, is now a psychotherapist in Boston. She's an expert at Well + Good and confirmed that our instincts that fall is worthy of the fanfare. "The smell of that first apple pie, the taste of fresh apple cider, the feeling of putting on that cozy sweater... that's why fall is so special." Cozy fall things and activities create "a sense of warmth and togetherness," so lean into it!

Price: The Eileen Sweater is available at French Knot for $250.

Social Media Highlight: With all its dreamy hand-knit scarves, hats, mittens, and sweaters, it stands to reason that French Knot gets over 80,000 monthly views on Pinterest!

Embrace the pumpkin spice kitchen life

Like the famous shrimp scene from "Forest Gump," we're just over here recounting all the ways to prepare pumpkin — "You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sauté it..." So, this pumpkin cookbook went from our online cart to our mailbox faster than you can say, "pass the pumpkin potpie, please."

This gourd-gorging cookbook was written by a registered dietitian, and it includes pumpkin recipes for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and paleo preferences. Plus, 75% of the product reviews rate the book at 5-stars, and one reviewer summed it up with, "Absolutely the best cookbook I own!"

Expert Tip: "Our obsession with pumpkin everything has become a very real thing," says professional organizer Christina Giaquinto. We value her advice on making seasonal adjustments, but she's certainly not immune to the lure of pumpkin spice, saying, "I see this as the adult version of how much children look forward to candy on Halloween. It brings child-like energy back into our lives."

Price: The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook is available on Amazon starting at $11.99.

Social Media Highlight: It's certainly no surprise that the book's author, Maggie Michalczyk, RDN, has nearly 77,000 followers on Instagram. Seriously, almost every image is pumpkin porn, and we're here for it.

Don't get out of bed unless the pancakes are slathered in syrup

You pour maple syrup on your pancakes, but those fluffy bad boys absorb it before you can scarf them down. Well, you obviously have no choice but to open the sugary floodgates and add five more glug, glugs of sweet goodness. And in light of our pancake imperative, the folks at decades-old American Spoon upped the ante with this whiskey barrel cured maple syrup. In fact, one reviewer has the syrup order on repeat, "Absolutely the best maple syrup on the market. This is the third time we have ordered it!"

No time for pancakes? No problem, a smear of pumpkin butter on your morning toast is just as satisfying!

Expert Tip: Natalia Lebedev is the Chief Fragrance Officer at Native. She chimed in with a reminder that seasonal aromas help create special memories. "Our sense of smell can also recall memories and unlock moments of your life — like that morning when you were making pancakes with your grandmother." And we all know that granny would spoil you with old-fashioned pancakes and extra maple syrup!

Price: The Whiskey Maple Syrup is available at American Spoon for $16.95.

Social Media Highlight: We love the clean aesthetic of the brand's Instagram feed and getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse too!

Two words: sweater weather

Do you want to know what's really at the rainbow's end? A treasure chest full of cozy sweaters! And if you're especially lucky, some will be oversized cardigans. Kenneth Cole is serving up all the autumnal feels with a cache of cozy in shades like heathered mushroom, but it's the toasted cinnamon Shawl Collar Cardigan that has us scrambling for a mug of hot cider!

Expert Tip: As a professional organizer, Christina Giaquinto is great at maximizing space as well as autumn awesomeness. She suggests we "Open the windows...and feel the breeze, take the family out for a hike on the weekend, or sit outside on the porch after a long day and soak up the sunset while you have a warm cardigan wrapped around you."

Price: The Shawl Collar Cardigan is available at Kenneth Cole for $395.

Social Media Highlight: The Kenneth Cole Instagram feed has 176,000 followers and features snazzy pics of fashion bits and the designer himself. Kenneth Cole makes regular appearances to support women's rights and the LGBTQ+ community.

Without apple cider doughnuts, does autumn even exist?

Who are we kidding here? You don't need us to convince you that apple cider doughnuts are the quintessential fall treat. But we will give you a little nudge because Farm Steady offers this make-at-home apple cider doughnut mix, and you can add on the optional silicone doughnut pan — brilliant! And guess what? No one cares if your social media captions say donut vs. doughnut, so long as you keep posting drool-worthy images.

Expert Tip: As you can imagine, there was a lot of chitchat about autumn feels in preparation for this story. We asked Louise Ulukaya, founder of the children's clothing brand Mon Coeur, to help us understand why we feel like happy-go-lucky kids when fall rolls around. "The warm tones of the light and the sun, the leaves falling, the hot apple cider that we sip with friends and family. All that helps create this magical feeling!"

Price: The Apple Cider Doughnut Baking Mix is available at Farm Steady for $25.

Social Media Highlight: Whoah – Farm Steady has more than a million views on YouTube! Notably, the brand's goal is to "make really cool DIY kits to help empower people in the kitchen to learn new skills and discover new ways of appreciating food and ingredients."

Fresh-picked paper pumpkin bouquets – hooray!

Open the oversized envelope and pop open a paper pumpkin bouquet. Easy breezy! This is a fabulous seasonal gift to send to faraway friends or family — or to just surprise someone who needs a dash of pumpkin spice in their life. Of the nearly 3,000 ratings, one reviewer said it deserves a 20-star rating, writing, "My friend jokingly asked me if the bouquet could have been any bigger, lol! But seriously, these flowers were well worth the cost because I saw others twice the price and not nearly as pretty or well made."

Expert Tip: Although we brought the CEO of Morph Clothing, Cristy Pratt, on board for her clothing expertise, we could not agree more with her pumpkin-y plans. "Fall offers a promise of cool breezes and a change of scenery as the leaves change. Soon your weekends will be filled with pumpkin picking!" And we love the reminder that "Pumpkins and apples are signs that [winter] holidays are around the corner."

Price: The Pumpkin Harvest FreshCut Paper Pop-Up Card is available on Amazon for $12.95.

Social Media Highlight: One way to support small businesses is to show them some love on social media. New to the Instagram scene, Freshcut Paper is catching steam with already over 12,000 followers!

A corduroy shirt is mandatory for the pumpkin spice life!

We all have that one shirt. The one we wear so much that we need to set a reminder in our phone to peel it off and wash it. Sustainable clothing brand Toad and Co. is vying for that honor with this incomparably perfect corduroy button-down. And we say go for it, especially since customers often comment on its softness. "This has to be the softest cord shirt I have ever bought," wrote one reviewer. Between that and that dried-leaves color, we're sold!

Plus, we're not alone. Who What Wear agree that the corduroy shirt is a major 2022 trend!

Expert Tip: "I would say that it's easy to wear the same sweatshirt every day," admits the Founder of Brunette the Label, Miriam Alden. "But truly, I am inspired by fall fashion. I think it's having your classic pieces that you can repeat and feel great in, [but] it's important to buy pieces you can really mix and match."

Price: The Scouter Cord Long Sleeve Shirt is available at Toad & Co. for $90.

Social Media Highlight: You know those aspirational cozy cabin videos you keep watching? Well, the Toad & Co. Instagram feed is an encyclopedia of rustic-chic looks to match your cabin goals. Plus, the pumpkin spice life is on full display!

Serve homemade hard cider at your harvest happenings

The only thing better than sipping hard cider and watching the leaves fall is when that cider is homemade. So grab a kit and add your favorite apple juice; in just a few weeks, you'll be hosting your friends for an autumn harvest dinner and low-key brag-a-thon. Plus, Modern Retail reports that DIY cocktail kits and at-home mixology are here to stay.

Need more inspiration? One Amazon customer posted a review with images of their progress and confirmed how easy it is, "This kit has everything to do 3 batches of cider except for the juice. I have my first in process now, and it has went perfect [sic]. Don't hesitate, order this!"

Expert Tip: As co-owner of California-based fragrance brand P.F. Candle Co., Kristen Pumphrey's expertise is centered around warm, welcoming vibes. She explains, "fall and winter are a time when people tap into that cozy season. Plus, people love tradition, so [in the fall] I like to include DIY projects and walks to forage for leaves." So, we're planning ahead with this DIY hard cider project. That plus a family foraging walk sounds like a great way to spend the autumn holidays.

Price: The Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Social Media Highlight: We're not alone in our love for these DIY cocktails kits; Bank Street Brewery posted a review video on YouTube, and it's been watched by over 200,000 people. Between that and Brooklyn Brew Shop's hoppy Twitter feed, we're ready to ferment and sip!

These genderless pumpkin-hued coveralls will be your fall favorite

If you're planning a weekend of leaf-peeping and pumpkin-spiced plans, you'll need a seasonal ensemble ready for anything. We suggest these gourd-gess coveralls in this creamy pumpkin color. Of course, WILDFANG'S genderless looks are always in season, but these coveralls have eight pockets — perfect for stashing your stuff to stay hands-free for apple-picking!

However, we can't say it better than this customer, "10/10 recommend these for anyone with a lot of movement in their work and/or for anybody who just wants to feel adorable and badass at the same time."

Expert Tip: Short Story is a styling service, and lead stylist MaryKathryn McArthur chimed in with autumn layering advice. "Keep layers thin until it really starts to get cold in your area," she says. "And [plan for] flexibility to remove or add layers to make sure you're always comfortable."

Price: The Essential Coverall is available on Wildfang, starting at $74.99.

Social Media Highlight: The WILDFANG Instagram feed has over 200,000 followers and features style, advocacy, and even humor. The brand isn't afraid to tell it like it is, like this funny video featuring the "humbling" act of peeing in public when you're wearing coveralls. Plus, the brand gets 1.5 million views a month on Pinterest!

Skip the stick and devour s'mores by the handful

Every time the weather turns cold, there are always hacks for making s'mores circulating the world wide web. Well, we've found the all-time, ultimate s'mores hack: bite-sized, anytime s'mores treats from Jet-Puffed. Of course, we want to cuddle under a campfire blanket, but we love the idea of s'mores goodness during our lunch break too! And as one reviewer says, "Any marshmallow is delicious... anything covered in chocolate is delicious. Do I need to do the math for you?"

Expert Tip: We asked tea expert Nadia De La Vega about how foods and drinks play a role in the autumn feels. "Fall brings feelings of nostalgia (hello, "Gilmore Girls"!) and makes us crave comfort and security," she says, and we definitely agree. Of course, if we could put a casserole in our handbag, we would, but pocket s'mores seem more reasonable.

Price: The 6-bag Pack of Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Bites is available on Amazon for $19.68.

Social Media Highlight: Sure, it's pretty neat that rice has been successfully grown in space, but honestly, we're more interested in Jet-Puffed marshmallow's space-themed Instagram feed. Stargazing, astrology, and marshmallows? Yes, please!

This poncho is so snuggly, it deserves a spot among your hoodies

Okay, we're not exactly breaking up with our hoodies, but we're on a break while we explore other options — like this olive-hued poncho. It technically has a hood, but its lines are more graceful, so it's perfect for lounging with hot toddies. Plus, customers say it has earned its 4.8-star rating because it's "so comfy." One reviewer did a rainbow sampling and reported, "I purchased several colors and cuddle up in one daily."

Expert Tip: We value Megan Hersch's expertise in color due to her experience as co-founder and interior designer at the custom interior design site roomLift. She suggests seasonal colors: "Warm light and organic textures are on trend right now and for good reason!"

Price: The Nube Hooded Poncho is available at Sunday Citizen starting at $63.70.

Social Media Highlight: Join Sunday Citizen's 70,000 followers and check out the brand's Instagram. There you'll find press features from publications such as Forbes, Women's Health, and PopSugar.

You're nuts if you think cinnamon snickerdoodle can be sidelined by PSL

She ain't going out like that. Cinnamon snickerdoodle is a lot of things — comforting being at the top on that list — but a second-tier seasonal flavor? Never. Those folks at Ground Up nut butters totally get it, and they're not willing to concede to pumpkin spice. We can respect that, especially since the word on Amazon is it's "The most delicious thing you will ever eat," according to one snickerdoodle devotee.

Expert Tip: With so many cold-weather holidays on the horizon, Boston-based psychotherapist Angela Ficken suggests prioritizing your fall foods. "What foods are you most excited about enjoying, and how do you want to incorporate those meals and snacks into your life without feeling guilty about it?" Along those lines, this nut butter easily earns a spot on our guiltless indulgence list since it's made by a social enterprise that provides job training for women overcoming adversity.

Price: The GROUND UP PDX Almond Cashew Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Nut Butter is available on Amazon for $19.99.

Social Media Highlight: Ground Up is busy on Twitter, where they recently shared that "The Today Show" featured the brand and its dedication to making a difference.

Cozy quilt + The Great British Bake-Off = perfect fall day

Every time "The Great British Bake Off" releases a new season, we grab a blankie and clear our schedules. This linen quilt is the perfect weight for the fall season, as reported by a delighted customer. "It is great for warmer weather and even into these cooler fall-ish nights." Plus, we love the fall-themed color options, which include fog, juniper, and a terracotta shade that just so happens to look oh-so-pumpkiny.

Expert Tip: "Blankets are not only functional, but also they add a design element as well," says Christina Giaquinto, a Brand Ambassador of Modular Closets. "Blankets have a cozy design feel to them, so fold the blanket nicely and lightly drape over your couch or blanket ladder to instantly bring in that cozy feel to your space."

Price: The Heirloom Quilt is available at Flax Home, starting at $350.

Social Media Highlight: Do you think the family featured in this Flax Home TikTok would mind if we just moved in with them? Those Sunday morning vibes!

Masala Chai is your new cozy cardamom companion

Chai — a traditional drink in India — is a milk-based tea with hints of both sweet and savory. Food and Wine describe the drink as ubiquitous in India, enjoyed on trains, in restaurants, and everywhere in between. It's pretty popular now in America, so here are two tips. First, "chai" means tea, which means that referring to it as "chai tea" is like calling it "tea-tea." So, you can skip that silliness and just say "chai."

And if you want to make chai at home, our second suggestion is the cardamon, ginger, and cinnamon-infused chai concentrate from Dona, which one Amazon customer described as tasting "like a healthy version of the Starbucks Chai."

Expert Tip: In addition to how chai tea can benefit your health, it's just so darn soothing. "Finding the ritual in these everyday occurrences helps us combat the moodiness of the season, suggests P.F. Candle Co.'s Kristen Pumphrey. "When you're home and feather your nest for the holidays, it makes you feel like you're taking care of yourself, not just your space."

Price: The 2-Pack of Dona Masala Chai Concentrate is available on Amazon for $23.75.

Social Media Highlight: Speaking of cozy places to hang out, Dona gets over 200,000 monthly views on Pinterest!

Apple picking is even better while donning an autumn shacket

Shacket, shirt-jack, heaven. Call it what you will, but pumpkin spice season just isn't the same without an oversized piece like this insanely soft shacket. "It's legit," according to one reviewer. "It's a jacket, for sure. Thought it might be more like a flannel shirt, but it's nicely lined and more like a jacket. It's beautiful." So, of course, it's no surprise it's earned a 5-star rating.

Expert Tip: If you're looking to really lean into the fall vibes, emotional wellness expert Angela Ficken — a Boston-based psychotherapist — suggests, "Think about what you enjoy about fall and incorporate it into your daily routine. If you enjoy the crisp air, make a point to take a short walk each day, or if you are slammed at work, open a window to let that fresh air in." What do we enjoy about fall? That's easy — everything! But that crisp air is definitely top of the list.

Price: The Seaside Jacket is available at L*Space for $246.

Social Media Highlight: Take an autumn stroll through L*Space's Instagram for frame after frame of fall looks inspiration, like this post featuring your new favorite shacket! And speaking of favorites, L*Space regularly gets shout-outs from Refinery29, Today, Forbes, and Seventeen.

You never need to apologize for stockpiling the pumpkin candles

Do you have a cabinet dedicated to candles? Well, if that cache is 80% pumpkin spice-scented candles, we're here to validate your emotions. Know this — you can never have too many pumpkin spice candles, so bask in that gourdy glow, girl!

Expert Tip: "Lighting a candle seems trivial, but it can set up rituals in your mind that shift you into a relaxed, cozy mode. It gives you something to look forward to and makes you present in the moment." Yes! We could not agree more with this sentiment from Kristen Pumphrey, the co-owner of P.F. Candle Co.

Price: The Spiced Candle Soy Candle is available at P.F. Candle Co. for $24.

Social Media Highlight: One fact is pretty clear, TikTok loves P.F. Candle Co. The brand has over 450,000 likes, and there's no sign of it letting up!

A 4-pack of cinnamon-hued pillows makes fall decor a cinch

Cinderella was a woman ahead of her time — a pioneer in the pumpkin spice life. After all, girlfriend was jetting off to castle parties in a horse-drawn pumpkin carriage. And similarly, our fall goal is to surround ourselves with all things pumpkin, so we're bulk-buying seasonal decor, like these PSL-approved pillows. A 4-pack of pumpkin upon which to lay our sleepy heads upon? It's a fairytale come true!

Expert Tip: This time of year, it's essential to "Take the time to de-clutter, reorganize your seating areas around comfort and thoughtfulness," suggests interior designer Megan Hersch. "Re-stuff your sofa cushions, invest in some new throw pillows and perhaps a fuzzy throw blanket!"

Price: The 4-Pack of Blazing Needles Cinnamon Throw Pillows is available at Lowe's for $72.98.

Social Media Highlight: Like Cinderella, Lowe's is more than just a resource for demanding household projects. The brand's 300,000 followers on Twitter are delighted daily with seasonal decor and community service inspiration. And speaking of cozy home décor inspo, the brand has 3.8 million followers on Pinterest.

This genius popcorn is a handful of pumpkin spice goodness

Pumpkin spice popcorn is a 100% yes for us, and Lesser Evil makes it with organic coconut oil — hooray! And, in case you miss it at first glance, the brand includes a fun play on the PSL acronym with "Popcorn Snacking Lifestyle." Well done, Lesser Evil, well done, indeed.

In fact, brand fans are saying the same in reaction to the new tasty flavor. One person confirmed our savory suspicions when mentioning, "This is a highly addictive snack. The spices give you that warm fall feel!"

Expert Tip: This popcorn has us dreaming of autumn dinner parties and the pre-meal seasonal snacks. Along those lines, the chief fragrance officer at Native, Natalia Lebedev, says there are many ways to incorporate fall feels. "Anything that can bring people happiness and comfort," she says, "whether you are keeping your family's holiday traditions going strong or creating a new one." Well, pumpkin-y popcorn feels like a new food tradition, especially since all we need to do is open the bag. But, hey, we're not lazy; we're efficient!

Price: The 3-Pack of Organic Pumpkin Popcorn is available at Lesser Evil for $12.

Social Media Highlight: The snack gurus at Lesser Evil set a goal to make "healthier, less processed, earth-friendly snacking accessible to everyone." With that mission in mind, they're busy on Twitter, having shared over 7,000 tweets. Plus, the brand's Instagram feed has over 75,000 followers who get regular snack inspiration and read features from Marie Claire and Forbes!

Remember that time tea made a play for the pumpkin spice throne?

Tea is all, "Look at me, sitting quietly, just being all zen-like." But the truth is out. Tea is secretly plotting a power grab and has its sights set on coffee's PSL-thrown. So we're all for it, hoping we double our PSL-sipping options. And we're not alone; Twinings' Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea has a 4.8-star rating and over 71,000 reviews on Amazon, making it the no. 1 black tea on the site.

Expert Tip: Sitting quietly with a cup of tea is always lovely. But MaryKathryn McArthur from styling service Short Story reminded us of the other benefits too. As with her work as the lead stylist for the petite-styling service, Short Story, she looks at it with a seasonal lens, focusing on togetherness. "Tea, blankets, sitting by the fire all bring a sense of warmth and longing that helps unite people with each other."

Price: The 6-Box Pack of Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea is available on Amazon for $18.92.

Social Media Highlight: Twinings Tea's Facebook page is a busy hub for over 8,000 tea drinkers, but we're partial to the brand's give-back efforts featured on Instagram. Twinings' Sourced with Care campaign channels resources and energy into the communities from which the tea is sourced.

Your hands want to remind you: Sweater weather isn't all love and lattes

It's autumn. Your heart may be singing, but your hands are quietly screaming for help — for moisture. So, before you pluck one more apple or toast yet another s'more, it's time to give your hands the TLC they deserve this season. 

This cream is packing a lot of oomph behind its cute name — like cocoa butter and Shea butter, which WebMD reports is very beneficial to the skin. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel as good in your heart as you do your hands.

Expert Tip: As the CEO of Morph Clothing, Cristy Pratt spends a lot of time thinking about what consumers need each season. Her advice? "Don't take the fall weather for granted no matter where you live. Soon the dead cold winter will be rolling in." Okay, Cristy, it sounds like we need to get ahead of the dry-skin season!

Price: The Sweater Weather Hand Rescue cream is available on the Walton Wood Farm website for $17.99.

Social Media Highlight: The folks at Walton Wood Farm are funny AF, and it's on full display on Instagram, where they have over 10,000 followers. Plus, you can glimpse all the clean, sustainable products they create.