Ron DeSantis Supporters Are Freaking Out Over His Recent Appearance With Joe Biden

Joe Biden may have gotten some people talking during a hot mic moment while visiting Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, but it was Governor Ron DeSantis who stole the show according to his supporters. While introducing the commander in chief, the state leader was photographed behind a lectern emblazoned with the presidential seal, which got folks talking (via New York Post).

The Republican has shattered fundraising records — but it's still unclear if he plans to run for the top job in the land in 2024 (via Forbes). To his supporters, however, seeing the Floridian appear so presidential was a thrill, especially considering that some polls tap DeSantis as being the best bet to be a formidable opponent to Biden in the next election cycle — that is, if Biden runs again, which he recently said he "intends" to do (via The Hill).

Whether the Democrat does take up another campaign — or if the party throws its support behind Hillary Clinton instead, whom a top advisor says is likely contemplating a run — DeSantis fans took over Twitter with buzz about his future.

Ron DeSantis seems presidential according to some fans

On social media, excitement mounted about Ron DeSantis standing behind a presidential lectern during President Joe Biden's Florida visit post-Hurricane Ian. One fan said the Republican leader belonged at that podium. "Man, DeSantis behind the presidential seal looks just about perfect," another like-minded supporter tweeted.

Someone else tweeted they equally enjoyed seeing the Sunshine State legislator standing behind the seal and that Biden was in the background.

Yet another fan said DeSantis, whose footwear recently inspired a viral meme comparing him to Nancy Sinatra, spoke like a president during Biden's visit. Finally, upon seeing photos and video of the conservative at the presidential podium, a fan noted that President DeSantis had "a nice ring to it."

To be fair, and not surprisingly, plenty of folks were also on hand on Twitter to criticize DeSantis and his handling of Hurricane Ian prep and recovery as well as praise the current administration.